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Ensure learning retention and mastery (not simply course completion).

micro-Maestros was originally a team of Business Consultants with extensive experience in Workflow Redesign and Automation in the SMB B2B marketplace. We were VARs for multiple SaaS solutions vendors over a 14 year period, redesigning and automating mission-critical Workflows on a variety of platforms across industries.

We also happened to be skilled Instructional Designers who had seen the repeated failures of traditional eLearning, most acutely in the technology industry. We had long ago dropped eLearning from our Service Menu because there was no way to tie eCourses to improved operating metrics for our corporate clients.

Then in mid-2020, we met OttoLearn® Gamified Microlearning™. 

We are now thrilled to be Certified Partners of this vendor, whose platform brought us all back to eLearning. Adaptive Microlearning is now our exclusive focus and improvement of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) our major deliverable. Unlike traditional eLearning vendors, we'll start with your desired key performance indicator (KPI) improvement goals, not your course content.

Contact us today. Let us re-orchestrate your approach to eLearning.

You won't believe your KPIs.

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Give your learners what they really want—engaging, adaptive online training that only takes minutes a day.

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