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Logo: Skilla – Amicucci Formazione - OttoLearn Microlearning Certified Partner

by Amicucci Formazione, Italy's leading e-learning provider

Amicucci Formazione is Italy’s leading e-learning company, specialized in developing solutions for innovating internal training, microlearning, and communications. Since 2013, it has presented its multimedia solutions under the Skilla brand name.

Skilla is a method with a great international library of Multimedia Training Pills® and a set of exclusive tools, methodologies and formats useful for creating training and communications environments and procedures covering technical and behavioral subject areas, environments that bring down learning times and increase efficacy.

Amicucci Formazione has an experience of more than 1000 multimedia projects, developed in 20 languages for more than 300 Customers. Some projects have been rewarded at national and international level.

New to Otto? Skilla can help.

Give your learners what they really want—engaging, adaptive online training that only takes minutes a day.

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