How OttoLearn® Works

Otto is built for you.

OttoLearn is built for Learners.

Learners get prompted to engage daily and can immediately start proving or achieving their mastery.

Otto adapts to them, providing them with exactly the right practice exercises in order to drive their mastery and maximize their retention.

Learners enjoy learning this way so much, that many of them will actually voluntarily do extra mini moments to master their topics faster!

Ottolearn is built for Trainers.

We’ve designed a platform where you can truly automate your training.

Simply tell Otto who your learners are, what they need to know, how deeply they need to know it, and for how long, and Otto takes care of the rest. No more course enrollments. No more annual refresher training.

Free yourself to focus on building great content!

Learners Love Otto

Unlike traditional eLearning, where learners must first click through instructional pages, OttoLearn immediately engages your learners with activities.

Learners love this; they dive right in and start learning.

6 Steps to Agile MicroLearning™

Icon: Moneybag - Step 1 - OttoLearn Personalized Learning
Step 1
Build microlearning content in our integrated studio
Icon: Megaphone - Step 2 - OttoLearn Adaptive Learning
Step 2
Specify who your learners are, and how deeply they need to know the content.
Icon: Learner - Step 3 - OttoLearn Gamification
Step 3
Otto will prompt your learners to engage in daily 2-minute Mastery Moments.
Icon: Cookie - Step 4 - OttoLearn Personalized Learning
Step 4
As the learner completes their activities using the mobile app or web browser, Otto calculates their mastery in order to give them more practice on what they don’t know and less on what they do know - truly personalized learning.
Icon: Hand - Step 5 - OttoLearn Microlearning
Step 5
If a learner continuously demonstrates they lack understanding on a topic or aren’t progressing, the training administrator is automatically alerted to intervene and provide additional guidance.

Of course, administrators can also manually check learners’ progress at any time.
Icon: Calendar - Step 6 - Adaptive Learning
Step 6
Change your content anytime. Otto will automatically distribute it so you don't have to deal with additional course enrollments.
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What's New with Otto & Microlearning?

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Why Otto Works

Learners learn better with Otto. Why?
Because we eliminate conventional learning barriers.

Traditional eLearning Barriers
Learners report they can’t find the time to complete eLearning.
Learners find most eLearning tedious and put it off until the last minute.
Learners experience cognitive overload by having so much information delivered to them at one time.
Information delivered is forgotten almost immediately.
eLearning takes so much time and effort to update that often it isn’t. So Learners are exposed to outdated information.
With OttoLearn
Otto engages the learner with daily 3 minute learning sessions.  This becomes part of their daily schedule, so learners never feel that they need to “find the time.”
OttoLearn feels like a game where learners prove (or increase) their mastery through quick, focused activities.
Otto delivers content an activity at a time, always measuring what the learner knows, so we know when to start providing them with more advanced content.
Through the daily Mastery Moments, Otto fosters long-term retention and recall.
Content can be updated in our studio at any time.  Updated content will automatically drip out to the learners that need it.
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