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Academic Playbook
Meet Helen. She’s Director of Educational Technology at Big Campus.
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Contact Center Playbook
Meet Ursula. She’s the Director of Training at Big Calls Inc.
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Certification Prep Playbook
Meet Manal. She is Chief Learning Officer of Big Financial Corp.
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Franchisor Playbook
Meet Antonio. He’s the VP Franchise Operations at Big Franchise Co.
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Corporate Playbook
Meet Frank. He’s the LMS Administrator for Big Co.
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Manufacturer Playbook
Meet Abinash. He is Health & Safety Director for Big Manufacturing Co.
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Multi-location Retail Playbook
Meet Rachel. She’s the HR Director for Big Specialty Foods Co. 
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Not-for-Profit Playbook
Meet Feng. He is Director of Education for the Big Social Improvement Center.
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Professional Sales Playbook
Meet Jane. She’s the Sales Manager of Big Software Co.
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