Solve the 3 great eLearning challenges.

OttoLearn® is your solution for learner engagement, mastery & retention, and rapid content distribution.

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Combine the principles of microlearning, adaptive learning, and subscription learning to deliver incredible engagement and retention.
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Learners are prompted to do perform quick, 2-minute practice sessions.
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Mastery & Retention
We guide learners to reach their mastery goals, and retain the knowledge through periodic reinforcement.
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Content Distribution
Rapidly deploy content updates, with automatic distribution to the right learners, at the right time.

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Need your learners to actually learn?

OttoLearn improves your KPIs and automates your training by delivering daily, personalized 2-minute Mastery Moments that first raise your learner’s knowledge and then ensure long-term retention.

Revenue 40%
Productivity 53%
Administration by 70%
Costs by 23%

Agile Microlearning

Less time, less effort, more results.

Strategic Targeting

Instead of focusing on building costly full courses, Otto allows you to address misinformation hotspots by strategically deploying training interventions.

Build and deploy additional content anytime without increasing management overhead.

Fast Rollout

Attack your training backlog. It takes 70% less time to create OttoLearn training content since you’re focused on the instructional design, rather than all the graphic design inherent with a traditional elearning module.

You don’t need to build entire courses. Instead, you are able to target specific areas of need and get measurable quick wins.

High Engagement

OttoLearn eliminates the two drivers of low engagement.

First, the perceived lack of relevance and the perception of “I need to find time”. When a learner is assigned a course which is 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes in length, they seek to schedule the time which inevitably leads to “not yet” procrastination.

This combined with the perception that the course will be “fluffy”, not relevant to their job, or covering material that they already know, leads to additional procrastination.

Urgent Training

Since your learners get used to a cadence of engaging in very short, daily training, this provides an ideal conduit for you to deliver urgent training to your learners, and be able to measure that they’ve received it.

Proven Retention

Otto applies “forgetting pressure” to decrement a learner’s mastery over time. The rate of forgetting is based on the learner’s mastery.

Otto will automatically provide the learner with personalized activities to prevent mastery loss, and regain “lost” mastery. In this way, Otto can ensure long term retention.

Budget Friendly

Low cost subscription options allow you to start by targeting specific areas of misinformation and knowledge gaps within a subset of your learners, then expand as you prove results.

Have a large number of learners? Our unique usage-based licensing option allows you to scale to hundreds of thousands of learners.

Clear ROI

Instead of focusing on building costly full courses, Otto allows you to address misinformation hotspots by strategically deploy training interventions.

Build and deploy additional content anytime without increasing management overhead.

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Amazing Features

Enjoy true training automation.

No More Course Enrollments - OttoLearn Personalized LearningNo More Course Enrollments - OttoLearn Personalized Learning

Instead of course enrollments, simply tell Otto what each learner needs to know, how deeply they need to know it, and for how long they should retain it. Otto will personalize their learning experience.

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Mobile First, Desktop Friendly - OttoLearn Personalized Learning

A mobile first platform, Otto delivers great learning experiences across web, Android and iOS devices.

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Build Your Content - OttoLearn Adaptive Microlearning

Build adaptive microlearning content within the Otto Studio, and design scaffolded learning experiences that build up knowledge over time, driving every learner to mastery.

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Knowledge Cards - OttoLearn MicrolearningKnowledge Cards - OttoLearn Microlearning

Provide anytime access to your best practices, policies and instructions through our Knowledge Cards.

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Analyze Learner Mastery - OttoLearn Adaptive Learning

Gorgeous analytics and dashboards give you insights into your learner’s mastery.

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Otto Protects Your Data - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningCoaching & Behaviors - OttoLearn Adaptive Microlearning

You’re delivering training, but are your learners using that knowledge to shape their behaviors? Our coaching module provides an easy way for supervisors to record positive and negative behaviors, which lead to automated interventions.

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Otto is a Multilingual Platform - OttoLearn Personalized Learning

Otto speaks unlimited languages, supports offline learning, and sips bandwidth.

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"It is a new and exciting way to learn! Increasing your mastery level in each category makes it fun, keeps you engaged and learning until you become the master."

Amanda H.

"Thank you for this chance to be a part of this pilot program. This seems like it is going to be a really exciting way to learn."

Sales Professional

"Admittedly, I was a little skeptical that I could study on my smart phone which has a relatively small screen. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. OttoLearn looks and works great, and allowed me to study on the go, whenever I had a few minutes to spare. Great job!"

Andre S.

"So far, I love it!  It is simple, easy to use, and doesn’t feel like you are taken away from your everyday whirlwind of responsibilities. With me being a seasoned veteran, it is nice to get refreshed on some of the little tidbits that we may not talk to the customer about, that provides value and confidence in purchasing."

Sales Professional

“This innovative platform for elearning is impressive. It’s a whole new way of gaining knowledge in a fun, engaging and time-sensitive fashion.”

Mariette M.
World Trade Centre Winnipeg

"Finally, a microlearning option that is easy to use, available on both PC and mobile, and ensures learner engagement, knowledge transfer, and skill mastery."

Jen K.

"I took the course today and despite having zero knowledge, found it very useful. Many answers were common sense and the format was easy to use."

Sales Manager

"The abilily to mesh a native app with a desktop UI will be a game-changer for us".

Jen K.
SeeWhy Learning

"Very neat system for rolling our new processes that will be very important this year. It’s fun."

Sales Manager

"We can’t wait to use OttoLearn. It gives us a whole new educational delivery method. Plus, it delivers a cutting-edge learning tool to understand our clients’ learning needs and styles to serve them better."

William D.

"100% of our students who tested our Ottolearn App said they would recommend it to a colleague or friend. The positive feedback has exceeded our expectations."

Brad W.
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The Cognitive Science Behind OttoLearn
Find out how you can leverage cognitive science to get better outcomes from your training efforts by downloading and reading our latest OttoLearn whitepaper.
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