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From simplifying your training to eliminating knowledge gaps and ensuring long-term knowledge retention, Otto has your back. Learn more about the benefits of OttoLearn and how it can get you the edge you need in your online training.

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Need results? Get gamified!

Our microlearning training platform includes gamification features designed to motivate and engage your learners.

Did you know that offering training with gamified elements increases engagement with the content, which leads to a boost in employee performance and improves training outcomes?

No matter your experience level with gamification, with OttoLearn you’ll discover a renewed energy through intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors — engage your employees with training like never before!

Gamification with leaderboards

OttoLearn comes with built-in leaderboards designed to maximize learner engagement and accountability with your training program!

Gamification with contests

Cut through everyday distractions and engage employees that need extra motivation to entice them to pay attention to their training!

Gamification with points

Let employees earn points when they reach their training goals, close their knowledge gaps, continually engage, and demonstrate a high level of long-term knowledge retention.

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    Continuous motivation of gamified training begins when points are earned for engagement, completion, and proficiency.
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    In between contests, motivate your employees with our gamification feature, points.

Gamification with rewards

Offer rewards in exchange for the points your employees earned from their training, creating a company currency that excels your learning culture through extrinsic motivation and incentives.

Coming Soon!

It is a new and exciting way to learn! Increasing your mastery level in each category makes it fun, keeps you engaged and learning until you become the master.

Amanda H.

We would highly recommend any company that currently does not have an ongoing training and retention program to speak to one of their highly skilled team members about OttoLearn. We have been very satisfied with the expertise, knowledge, and professional process of Neovation, and we cannot wait to see where our next journey with them will take us.

Corporate Training Manager
National Franchise Chain

This is an amazing tool — we're getting employees to continually engage in learning to allow that retention. And it allows us to measure where the knowledge gaps are immediately. We can then develop activities to cover any knowledge gaps. It also allows the principals of the dealerships to encourage their employees because now they will have a dashboard that demonstrates to them ‘this person isn't proficient in the sales techniques’ or ‘isn't proficient in this particular product.

Edward T.
Nissan Australia

OttoLearn is a great tool for knowledge retention.

Gerald c.
Cleveland Clinic

OttoLearn is one of the most efficient ways to learn material that I have ever used. We all learn differently and I struggle with most LMS systems because they want you to memorize and regurgitate. My brain doesn’t work that way! Finally a way to learn that helps you retain the material with the added bonus of being fun to use!! Employee engagement at its finest.

Supervisor, Learning & Development
Management Consulting
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