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Microlearning plans starting at
$250 /month
*billed annually
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All OttoLearn plans feature:
  • No setup fee
  • Adaptive algorithms that automatically deliver the right content to each learner
  • Integrated Content Studio to make authoring microlearning content fast and easy
  • Knowledge cards for self-directed, on-demand learning
  • Gamification leaderboards, points, and rewards
  • Interactive analytics for mastery, engagement, and knowledge gaps
  • Mobile-first and desktop-friendly delivery
  • Best-in-industry administrator support and training
  • Gamification badges
Start building a daily training habit today!
OttoLearn identifies and closes knowledge gaps — quickly. 
Otto engages learners, making it perfect for any industry or training scenario.
Otto uses spaced repetition of content to effectively build long-term retention. 
Otto’s adaptive algorithms deliver relevant content to each learner in every Training Session.

Adaptive, gamified microlearning

Finally, a training solution that targets your business goals 

Getting learners to complete training is just the start. You need them to:

improve their performance
know and retain more
change their behavior

Create learning goals to meet your business needs. Then track each learner’s progress and mastery.

Use OttoLearn’s Advanced Analytics to bring training data together with your KPIs — and prove training ROI.

Finally — microlearning that learners love!

Learners don’t have time to waste. That’s why OttoLearn:

  • Engages them in short daily sessions
  • Delivers relevant, engaging content targeted to each learner
  • Offers on-demand access to the information they need
  • Provides instant feedback on progress
  • Lets them use any device — mobile or desktop

OttoLearn gives learners the freedom to direct their own learning.

How can OttoLearn increase learner engagement?

Learners avoid training that they perceive as irrelevant, redundant, or boring.

Otto is different.

  • Each training session is 2 minutes long and can use gamification principles to encourage engagement.
  • Each learner receives different challenges, targeted to their individual knowledge gaps and learning goals.
  • Learners choose when, where, how, and for how long to engage. 
  • Learners engage with OttoLearn microlearning and voluntarily complete extra practice! 

OttoLearn never forces learners to cover content in a linear fashion. They can skip to the microlearning content they need — and review it as often as they want.

Our microlearning solution specialists are eager to meet your organization’s online training needs. Get in touch today!
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Can OttoLearn meet my accessibility or multilingual requirements?

OttoLearn can display your user interface in 20 languages — and your content in over 100 languages.

Our Content Studio includes advanced AI-based language translation, making multilingual training projects a breeze.

Otto also offers accessibility features, such as the ability to enlarge text and a high-contrast mode. Learners can control how their training content and activities are displayed, making it easy to see the content clearly and use it easily.

How does microlearning eliminate my administrators’ most significant pain points?

By moving from annual training to a continuous learning approach, OttoLearn eliminates the pain of managing enrollments. Admins enroll learners once — and the learners train daily, automatically receiving updated content.

Annual compliance training rarely leads to measurable mastery. OttoLearn uses spaced repetition to cover all the training content that learners need, allowing them to build knowledge retention efficiently. Then data is gathered to prove their mastery.

OttoLearn eliminates the need to chase learners. Instead of forcing learners to complete redundant or irrelevant required training, OttoLearn delivers relevant, engaging content — and  training admins watch in disbelief as learners voluntarily engage!

Can OttoLearn show me the ROI of my training?

By measuring real progress, OttoLearn microlearning shows the value of training. Each learner’s progress, confidence, and mastery are tracked.

OttoLearn’s analytics and dashboards, along with automated reporting, make it easy to see — and show executives — the impact your training is having on performance.

How do I get started with an effective microlearning solution?

Get the most out of your move to microlearning. Adding microlearning as performance support to boost the ROI of your training — or implementing a continuous learning and knowledge retention campaign with microlearning — has never been easier.

Structured implementation, onboarding, and analysis put microlearning at the CORE of your business success. Our CORE program:
Ensures a strong start to your microlearning initiative
Steps you through planning and launching microlearning in your organization
Onboards and coaches training admins
Provides analysis and quarterly reports on the analytics and KPIs that matter most to you


Are you serious about microlearning? 

Our CORE program provides you with  the foundation to build and launch a successful microlearning initiative.

We will:
  • Build custom learning modules for you each quarter
  • Deliver branded iOS and Android apps
  • Develop customized advanced analytics to correlate training, mastery, and engagement with your KPIs
All CORE program participants enjoy the OttoLearn Enterprise plan.
Partner with us to ensure a strong start, successful implementation, and ongoing accountability in your microlearning initiative.
Join the CORE program today and see real ROI from your training initiatives!
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What’s included with my account?

Try the OttoLearn Team Plan for smaller organizations

  • Unlimited use for up to 50 users
  • 25 content Modules
  • Gamification leaderboards, points and rewards
  • Gamification badges Coming Soon!
  • Adaptive training algorithms 
  • Daily engagement schedule — with reminders
  • Knowledge Cards for rapid reference & performance support
  • Easy authoring with Otto’s microlearning Content Studio
  • Interactive analytics — see engagement, mastery, knowledge gaps & lifts — and more
  • Multilingual support
  • Mobile apps
  • Open API
  • Self-directed admin training
  • Email and chat support from our award-winning Customer Success team

OttoLearn’s Enterprise Plan unlocks unlimited potential in larger teams

OttoLearn® Gamified Microlearning™ scales to engage any size team with any amount of content. Our Enterprise Plan offers everything the Team Plan includes, plus:

  • Unlimited use for up to 200 learners
  • Unlimited content Modules
  • Gamification leaderboards, points and rewards
  • Gamification badges Coming Soon!
  • Ability to launch OttoLearn from your LMS
  • Optional customized analytics dashboards through PowerBI
  • Open API with developer support
  • 1:1 admin training with our Customer Success team
  • Single sign-on
  • Optional user-sync with your HRIS (or other platform)
  • Custom security profiles that map to your organization's structure
  • Custom user attributes
  • Available branded iOS and Android apps
  • Enhanced support, including phone support and a dedicated account manager

Need more? Scale up to thousands of learners. We’ll tailor a plan for your unique learner population, learning needs, and business goals.

Adaptive microlearning benefits learners and training admins!

Learner Metrics
2 Minutes
Short training sessions are highly engaging
Knowledge Lift
Admin Metrics
Content development time can be reduced by 40%
Time to update and maintain content can be reduced by 75%
Requires 75% less management effort
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Our microlearning solution specialists are eager to meet your organization’s online training needs. Get in touch today!
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This is an amazing tool — we're getting employees to continually engage in learning to allow that retention. And it allows us to measure where the knowledge gaps are immediately. We can then develop activities to cover any knowledge gaps. It also allows the principals of the dealerships to encourage their employees because now they will have a dashboard that demonstrates to them ‘this person isn't proficient in the sales techniques’ or ‘isn't proficient in this particular product.’

Edward T.
National Manager for Dealer Training, Nissan Motor Co. (Australia)

Looking for more information about our microlearning platform?

There is no setup fee with OttoLearn, however, there are optional implementation and other services available.

Our active user counts are based on the total number of users who can log into your account each month, regardless of whether they log in zero times, or 1,000,000 times. Each of your users can perform an unlimited number of activities or read an unlimited number of knowledge cards.

No, your cost is based on the quantity of users.  Each user has unlimited use.

Each plan has a limit for the number of simultaneously active users. You can contact us to purchase additional user packs.

Each plan includes an allotment of users. See the comparison table for details.

If you are on our Enterprise plan, you have the option to pool users between multiple accounts. Each additional account will require a separate subscription.

Yes, a range of services are available either directly from OttoLearn, or from a partner. Please contact us for details.

We offer a selection of pre-made sample Modules on various topics for your use in OttoLearn. Visit our marketplace for more details.

There are special site licenses available for not-for-profit organizations. Please complete our Discount Application Request form to determine your discount level.