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$5 / user

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Team Plan
Enterprise Plan
Base Plan Cost (billed annually)
Included Users (seats)
Additional Users

Purchase additional user packs.

Available $
Available $

Expert support from our help desk.

Email, chat
Email, chat, phone

Our Enterprise plan includes a 4hr SLA.

Up to 24hr response
4hr or less response
Account Manager

A dedicated account manager to ensure your success.


Live 1:1 training
Mastery Profiles /learner

Job profiles you can assign to learners, which specify their mastery goals.


The number of active training modules at one time.

Engagement Schedules

The number of active training schedules you can have at one time.

Data Retention

The length of time analytics data will be retained.

1 year
7 years
LMS Launch

Export a SCORM module from OttoLearn and launch from your SCORM compliant LMS.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on access from any Open ID compatible system such as ADFS, Okta, and more.

Custom Security Policies

The number of active security profiles you can have at one time. Admin Only plans do not support custom security profiles.

Custom User Attributes

Growth and Enterprise plans allow you to define additional custom user fields to be used for reporting and analytics

Custom Analytics

Available $
Available $
API Support

An interface to allow developers to have programmatic access to our platform. Typically used to create integrations, or import/export content.

Documentation only
Developer support

Pricing Plans FAQ

Have a functionality question for us? Visit our functionality FAQ.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningIs there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee with OttoLearn, however, there are optional implementation and other services available.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningHow is the number of users calculated?

Our active user counts are based on the total number of users who can log into your account each month, regardless of whether they log in zero times, or 1,000,000 times. Each of your users can perform an unlimited number of activities or read an unlimited number of knowledge cards.

Each plan has a maximum number of active users. You can expand your plan by purchasing additional user packs, which being at $100 for 50 users. Volume packs are also available.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningDoes my cost change based on how many activities are performed?

No, your cost is based on the quantity of users.  Each user has unlimited use.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningWhat happens if I go over my user count?

Each plan has a limit for the number of simultaneously active users. You can contact us to purchase additional user packs.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningHow many users are included with my plan?

Each plan includes an allotment of users. See the comparison table for details.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningCan I share user counts between accounts?

If you are on our Enterprise plan, you have the option to pool users between multiple accounts. Each additional account will require a separate subscription.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningDo you offer implementation support and other services?

Yes, a range of services are avaialble either directly from OttoLearn, or from a partner. Please contact us for details.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningIs there special pricing available for not-for-profits?

There are special site licenses available for not-for-profit organizations. Please complete our Discount Application Request form to determine your discount level.