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Meet Manal.

She's Chief Learning Officer of Big Financial Corp.

BFC is a financial services provider.

New agents typically come in knowing very little about selling financial services. Their agents need personalized training to prepare them for their certification exams as well as specific training on everything from office compliance topics to executing BFC's unique consultative selling process.

Their growth is completely related to recruiting, training and certifying new agents, and they need a more efficient process.

Manal relies on Otto.

Using Otto, Manal builds out a multi-level training strategy.

Even before an agent is hired, they are asked to achieve mastery on an initial “Orientation to Financial Services” module, which is essentially an aptitude test. Candidates that successfully reach mastery automatically start receiving exam prep training.

As candidates complete their Otto training they can see their mastery increase over time, and especially love the “predicted mastery date” which tells them when they’ll be ready to write their exams.

Manal, meanwhile, receives great visibility over her pipeline of potential agents. Otto statistics tells her that on average, 20% of candidates drop out at the orientation level and 30% do not complete the exam prep training.

However, she sees an astounding 95% success rate for the learners that complete their Otto mastery personalized training.

Engaging, Agile, Microlearning.

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for Certification Prep
  • Handles regional rules such as selling restrictions by state
  • Allows for pre-employment screening for applicants as part of the vetting process
  • Projected mastery dates tell the learner when they are ready for their exams
Additional Benefits
  • Eliminates need for annual re-training
  • New products or rules pushed out dynamically
  • Pre-employment aptitude screening
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