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Meet Frank

He’s the LMS Administrator for Big Co.

Big Co. is a 2,000 person company with several regional offices. They use a LMS to train their employees. Frank has a team of two graphic designers and one instructional designer. The team always has a stack of courses they are working on.

Frank is a hands-on guy. He treats the departments he serves as clients, and routinely visits them to ensure that his team is building relevant, high quality content. It takes Frank’s team about 80 hours to design and develop one hour of eLearning, with more than half of that time being various forms of graphic design.

His clients, the department heads, love the training they produce — it’s very interactive, and beautifully designed. But there is a hidden problem. Even though learners are completing the final quizzes and scoring an average of 87%, a training audit has discovered that knowledge transfer is actually quite low — 35% after 3 weeks. 

They have a knowledge retention problem.

Enter Otto

Frank uses Otto to create a retention series for his most valuable departmental training modules.

When learners complete the long-form module, they are automatically enrolled into the long-term retention module delivered via OttoLearn's microlearning platform. The platform uses spaced repetition to engage the learners twice a day to complete a series of personalized learning activities to steadily increase their knowledge retention.

After OttoLearn was introduced, when Frank did a 3 week transfer test, he was impressed to find 90% retention—actually higher than the initial quiz scores!

Plus, he sees that his learners actually complete several Mini Moments each day. Through the power gamification, and intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for the first time ever, Frank’s learners are choosing to voluntarily increase their knowledge retention and mastery!

Engaging, adaptive microlearning

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is the perfect complement to LMS platforms
  • Otto can be used to deliver personalized retention training following long-form eLearning or live instructor-led training
  • Otto uses API to automatically enroll learners into knowledge retention training when they complete their initial training
  • Otto's analytics will demonstrate knowledge retention over time
Additional corporate training benefits
  • Otto content is always live and up-to-date, so a module only needs to be imported once to a LMS
  • Any time content is updated by head office, it will automatically drip out to the learners
  • Otto’s interactivity adds a new kind of “gamification” that keeps learners engaged with both the content and their own performance metrics long after the long-form course is completed
OttoLearn can transform your corporate training.
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