Empower your employees with a knowledge retention strategy

Encountering a piece of information one time is not learning. Most learners, most of the time, will quickly forget that content.

Knowledge retention is the key to real learning and behavior change — the training outcomes that are the true goals of any learning and development program. Workers want to learn at work. They told LinkedIn Learning that they feel more engaged — and would stay longer at their workplace — if they have regular learning opportunities.

That’s why creating a continuous learning culture that includes a knowledge retention strategy is absolutely essential.

Build knowledge retention and improve your training outcomes

Improved retention means improved performance. Learners know the content better, and essential tasks become automatic, ingrained.

With better knowledge retention, learners will spend less time on retraining — and more time applying their knowledge on the job.

Eliminate annual training with a continuous learning knowledge retention strategy

Use microlearning-based knowledge retention that brings short training sessions into the workflow

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Continuous microlearning uses spaced repetition to boost  knowledge retention

The number-one obstacle to employees’ learning and development is time. The time famine is real. And half-day workshops or hourlong eLearning modules that have to be scheduled in advance don’t help. 

What does relieve the time crunch and build knowledge retention? 


Bite-sized, focused content, know as microlearning, is engaging, relevant, and memorable.
Short training sessions — like OttoLearn’s 2-minute Training Sessions — are fun and easy to fit into a busy workday.
On-demand, mobile-first microlearning offers what modern digital learners want.
Relevant content and gamification elements encourage learners to engage often with OttoLearn.

Continuous microlearning provides spaced repetition of training material critical to building long-term knowledge retention. 

Building knowledge retention benefits learners

A knowledge retention campaign boosts learners’ confidence — and their value to the company.

Microlearning-based knowledge retention fits easily into workers’ days and reduces the need for annual training.

Retaining key knowledge frees workers to learn new skills and grow their careers.

Knowing what to do improves learners’ morale along with their job performance.

The little time busy workers have for training is best spent upskilling and advancing their careers. A knowledge retention campaign ensures they master the basics — and can focus on improvement.

Building knowledge retention benefits organizations

Building knowledge retention saves time and money when workers do not need constant retraining.

A knowledge retention campaign reinforces learning and can change behavior, driving the results you need.

A knowledge retention campaign can improve safety and compliance by automating key behaviors.

Deeper knowledge leads to professional growth and greater creativity and innovation.

A time famine is the most-cited reason learners don’t engage with training at work. An effective knowledge retention campaign improves workers’ performance, efficiency — and professionalism.


Amount of time the typical worker spends on training


Number of L&D professionals who measure the impact of learning on their organization

Source: Learning Guild report


Practicing recalling information once can double long-term retention

Source: Connie Malamed

It’s not that classroom training doesn’t have a place … it’s just that it’s inefficient, expensive, and doesn’t really lead to good performance — at least compared to OttoLearn. Even traditional eLearning can’t compete on measures like retention and engagement. This is going to transform the industry!

Robert Crooks
Co-founder, Soteria120

Build knowledge retention and close skills gaps 

Building long-term knowledge retention helps close skills gaps and improve performance:

OttoLearn performs continuous assessment to identify knowledge gaps — then targets content to learners’ weak areas.
Otto also asks learners how confident they are in their knowledge — and eliminates confident misinformation.
Learners build mastery using spaced repetition, a highly effective way to improve long-term retention.
OttoLearn’s continuous microlearning strategy closes knowledge gaps and ensures that learners retain key information.

Fighting the forgetting curve

We’re bombarded with information constantly.

We forget most of it pretty quickly; the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve shows a steep drop in retention within a day or so.

Repeated exposure builds long-term memory. That’s why spaced repetition practice in training is so effective.

Forgetting non-essential information is crucial to remembering what matters.

OttoLearn adaptive training ensures that learners practice key concepts often — building long-term knowledge retention.

With Knowledge Cards and Activities, OttoLearn also offers on-demand performance support to further aid retention.

Build knowledge retention with our gamified microlearning

Engaging OttoLearn fosters continuous learning with daily 2-minute Training Sessions.
Mobile-first microlearning offers spaced repetition on demand, ensuring learners close knowledge gaps and improving training outcomes.
OttoLearn’s “drip” delivery builds knowledge retention with content that is always current and relevant.
Effective gamification entices learners to spend more time with OttoLearn, deepening their mastery and building retention.

Choose the training platform with knowledge retention built-in

  • Learners get automatic reminders to engage daily with OttoLearn.
  • Adaptive algorithms automatically deliver targeted content at intervals calculated to beat the forgetting curve.
  • OttoLearn provides immediate formative feedback to reinforce correct responses and coach learners when they answer incorrectly.
  • OttoLearn ensures learners fill knowledge gaps by delivering content in their weak areas.
  • Knowledge Cards offer on-demand performance support.

Microlearning takes on your biggest training challenges

Move information-heavy onboarding content to microlearning; build long-term knowledge retention of company values & culture, policies, and essential procedures.
Upskilling or reskilling
Train time-crunched employees new skills in an efficient, engaging way with focused micro-lessons that fit into their busy workdays.
Recertification or compliance
Ensure that employees know key compliance and safety content with an OttoLearn knowledge retention program.
Sales & franchisor training
Provide sales trainees and franchisors with up-to-date content easily with instantly updated, targeted microlearning content, on demand and mobile-first.
Improve performance
Support workers on the job with the ability to look up accurate information at the moment they need it.

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