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Meet Feng

He is Director of Education for the Big Social Improvement Center.

As the number of natural disasters are rising, so does the toll on communities and lives. BSIC has received a mandate to improve disaster resilience in their communities. 

Feng is tasked with training a group of volunteers coming from 253 regional communities on disaster preparedness. Each volunteer would work to improve disaster resilience in their community.

The challenge? The training for these volunteers must be provided in 3 different languages, and while there is abundant wifi, the data cost is quite high and therefore requires offline learning.

Feng chooses Otto

Otto has some key advantages which led to its selection for this project. First, Otto is a true multilingual microlearning platform. Both the framework and the content can be delivered in any browser-supported language. As well, instead of having to create multiple versions of content — one in each language — Otto maintains multiple versions of each content piece in multiple languages, which means that a learner can flip between languages at any time. 

The result? 190 of the 253 community volunteers completed their Otto based training mastery within 45 days. Upon releasing the training Feng was fascinated with how quickly it was adopted, saying full props should be extended to the gamification features found in OttoLearn.

Knowledge retention was high because content was delivered and consumed in their native language, allowing the volunteers to better serve their multilingual communities. 

Engaging, adaptive microlearning

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for not-for-profit training
  • Multilingual support for any browser-supported language
  • Offline learning through native applications
  • Affordable for projects even involving thousands of learners
Additional benefits
  • When volunteers periodically connect to wifi, they automatically receive updated content and send back statistics
  • Mobile devices can be taken into emergency situations; training is not tethered to an office environment
OttoLearn can transform your not-for-profit training.
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