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Off to a Great Start with Microlearning

Retaining employees
starts on their first day

Employee turnover is expensive. Replacing a worker costs about a third of that employee’s salary, according to the Work Institute’s 2017 Retention Report, or an average of $15,000 per employee.

Hiring new workers is costly, even if you’re not replacing an employee — advertising, paying a recruiter for time spent reviewing applications and interviewing, the cost of background checks and other screening tests… it adds up to thousands of dollars per hire.

Once you’ve got good people hired, you want to keep them. But HRDive reports that one in three hires leaves within two years!

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Voluntary turnover — employees moving on — is often preventable. The top factor in motivating employees to stay or pushing them to leave is career development. The Retention Report said that 22% of workers surveyed cited career development as their reason for leaving. 
And the LinkedIn 2019 Workplace Learning Report found that 94% of employees were more likely to stay with an employer who invested in their skills and professional development
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Investing in employees
starts on their first day

Building employees’ skills is becoming a top priority, especially in areas where labor markets are tight and unemployment is low. That should start with employee onboarding — and continue throughout each worker’s time at the company.

Onboarding training has a lot of ground to cover:

Detailing company policies, which might be covered in an employee handbook.
Introducing new hires to the office culture, which might extend the guidelines in the employee handbook, as well as teach people “how things are done.”
Sharing values and practices central to the company’s mission and brand.
Signing employees up for benefits like a retirement plan or health care.
Introducing new employees to colleagues and letting them know who can help them with tasks and questions outside of their daily work responsibilities — anything from how to get office supplies or ask for vacation time to who arranges work-related travel or repairs the copy machine.
Onboarding might even introduce the best local lunch spots!
A paper or PDF employee manual might include all the needed information but…  most employees won’t read it. Or they will scan it quickly and forget the details just as quickly.
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OttoLearn is the Perfect Onboarding Solution

Many organizations offer onboarding training as eLearning. Like a manual, employees might go through it once. But they’re unlikely to remember every detail, and eLearning modules are generally hard to search. Where do the employees turn when they need specific information?

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OttoLearn is the perfect onboarding solution

Many organizations offer onboarding training as eLearning. Like a manual, employees might go through it once. But they’re unlikely to remember every detail, and eLearning modules are generally hard to search. Where do the employees turn when they need specific information?

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OttoLearn® Gamified Microlearning™ is the perfect solution. 

As standalone onboarding assistance or as a follow-up to an eLearning module or complement to a manual, the OttoLearn microlearning platform solves multiple onboarding issues:
  • Employees can easily search for specific information they need, on demand through self-directed performance support
  • Activities can teach and build knowledge retention towards a positive corporate culture and values
  • Activities can teach and remind workers of policies and processes and ensure that employees understand and retain this critical information
Best of all, introducing OttoLearn on day one develops and reinforces a daily training habit. Transitioning from onboarding training and reinforcement to OttoLearn training for skills and processes related to employees’ specific job roles is easy.
Diagram showing the "new way" cycle: create a knowledge map, Otto identifies & fills learner knowledge gaps, prove retention with analytics, done!
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Choose OttoLearn for training engagement and knowledge retention

OttoLearn truly shines as a continuous training platform. Once new hires are accustomed to doing a daily 2-minute Training Session, the sky’s the limit. They can map out a personal learning journey, together with their managers, that covers content they need to learn. Best of all, the gamified features create training content that learners love to take!
Skills required for their current job
Skills related to emerging technologies and automation that could alter their work routines
New skills related to challenge projects, lateral moves within the company or preparation for promotions
Material previously covered in annual compliance training, like anti-harassment policies or safety training

Ongoing training can influence the environment and workplace culture, too, with activities designed to: 

Ensure that key policies are kept top-of-mind and boosting compliance
Promote collaboration and (friendly) competition with coworkers, preventing silos and reinforcing a collegial and welcoming work environment
Reinforce company culture and values
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Sales Director
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Multimedia Artist
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Software Developer

Business Analyst
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Technical Writer
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Marketing Director

Otto Idea: Cultivate Culture

As part of their onboarding, get each employee acquainted with their co-workers to help build strong relationships.
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Every week, learners receive a series of activities. They always have access to related Knowledge Cards for on-demand information that helps them solve problems without disrupting their workflow. 

The microlearning each learner receives is uniquely targeted based on:
  • The learner’s mastery goals, existing knowledge and past and ongoing performance within OttoLearn
  • Skills and knowledge needed or anticipated for the learner’s role 
  • Company or legal requirements for the learner’s role
  • Manager’s discretion to assign learning goals or content

Investing in employees pays off

Employees are more likely to feel like part of the organization — and less likely to leave — because they:
  • Feel more confident in their understanding of the company
  • Don’t feel like the “new person” 
  • Gain necessary skills and quickly become productive
  • Grow and learn as the company continues to invest in them

Training administrators love OttoLearn solutions because:

  • Each employee is enrolled once, during onboarding, and admins no longer have to track and enforce course enrollment
  • It’s easy to update content, publish new or revised policies and add topics
  • New and updated content is delivered immediately to all employees who need it and is exercised according to knowledge level with spaced repetition
  • Developing and deploying microlearning content is easy and takes far less time than creating eLearning courses
  • OttoLearn works within the LMS, as add-ons to LMS training or as standalone training and retention solutions

HR will be amazed when:

  • Onboarding is smooth and easy
  • New hires are up-to-speed faster
  • Turnover is reduced
  • Performance and compliance with policies increase
  • Employees are happier

Executives are thrilled with:

  • Lower turnover
  • Higher retention rates that result in improved performance
  • Improved morale
  • Higher productivity from all those happy, well-trained employees
Bringing it all together
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