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Succcess Story

COVID-19 shut down schools, companies — entire countries — at lightning speed. People everywhere scrambled for information. Media and social platforms were flooded with information, misinformation, and disinformation.

Brad Loiselle, betterU’s CEO, knew that his company had the ability to  make a difference. He wanted to create a digital toolkit to provide accurate  information from reliable, vetted sources. Through his partnership with OttoLearn, Loiselle knew that OttoLearn  was the perfect platform.

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Sherry D.

Pita Pit

"Neovation has made the process of creating an Adaptive Microlearning program seem effortless. We would highly recommend any company that currently does not have an ongoing training and retention program to speak to one of their highly skilled team members about OttoLearn. We have been very satisfied with the expertise, knowledge and professional process of Neovation and we cannot wait to see where our next journey with them will take us."


Sales Professional

"Thank you for this chance to be a part of this pilot program. This seems like it is going to be a really exciting way to learn."

Grant S.

National Leasing

"My first impression of Otto is that it seems to be a quick, easy and effective tool to educate and train our teams."


Sales Manager

"I think I hit the first level, it moved up and turned blue around the first circle? HAHA! It’s fun, I had some good laughs!"

Trina H.


"I love OttoLearn, it’s fast, easy to use and convenient!"

Cory S.

SeeWhy Learning

"The ability to mesh a native app with a desktop UI will be a game-changer for us."


Sales Professional

"So far, I love it!  It is simple, easy to use, and doesn’t feel like you are taken away from your everyday whirlwind of responsibilities. With me being a seasoned veteran, it is nice to get refreshed on some of the little tidbits that we may not talk to the customer about, that provides value and confidence in purchasing."

Andre S.

SeeWhy Learning

"Admittedly, I was a little skeptical that I could study on my smart phone which has a relatively small screen. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. OttoLearn looks and works great, and allowed me to study on the go, whenever I had a few minutes to spare. Great job!"

Wyeth K.

National Leasing

"Liking what I'm seeing in OttoLearn already, there are some neat applications here."

Brad W.


"100% of our students who tested our Ottolearn App said they would recommend it to a colleague or friend. The positive feedback has exceeded our expectations."

Mariette M.

World Trade Center Winnipeg

"This innovative platform for elearning is impressive. It’s a whole new way of gaining knowledge in a fun, engaging and time-sensitive fashion."

Amanda H.


"It is a new and exciting way to learn! Increasing your mastery level in each category makes it fun, keeps you engaged and learning until you become the master."


Sales Manager

"I took the course today and despite having zero knowledge, found it very useful. Many answers were common sense and the format was easy to use."


Sales Manager

"Very neat system for rolling our new processes that will be very important this year. It’s fun."

William D.


"We can’t wait to use OttoLearn. It gives us a whole new educational delivery method. Plus, it delivers a cutting-edge learning tool to understand our clients’ learning needs and styles to serve them better."


Process Improvement Specialist

"I love it so far!"