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Meet Ursula.

She’s the Director of Training at Big Calls Inc.

Big Calls just landed a major new client, which requires them to scale up and add 500 new positions to handle inbound calls.

They have 90 days to ramp up and be ready. Ursula’s job is to build out the training material, including onboarding, initial training, job aids, and a strategy for personalized ongoing training.

Previously, their initial training period was 4 days of classroom sessions and role-playing through mock calls. However, with the clock ticking on this new project, she needs to find a way to train her new hires faster, without reducing quality.

Ursula chooses Otto.

With Otto, Ursula is able to rapidly build Mastery Modules to immediately flip her training. Day 1 of the new training process is now focused on Otto mastery training. Agents get exposed to core knowledge about handling incoming calls, and practice responding to client inquiries and following their flow charts to select the correct action to take for an issue.

In only 1 day, she essentially simulates 30 days on the phone.

Days 2-4 focus on live call simulations, punctuated by periodic mastery learning through Otto.

After launching, Ursula is pleased to discover that she needs less supervisory support for learners who have Otto. They have a much higher retention and have to escalate fewer calls — which translates to a better experience for the caller, less turnover at the center, and a happier client!

Engaging, Agile, Microlearning.

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for Call Center Training
  • Set a training cadence — once per shift, or between calls
  • Import call analytics to correlate against training mastery to surface need for supervisory intervention
  • Ability to update content periodically, and have it automatically distributed
Additional Benefits
  • RFID beacons can be used to ensure that employees can only train while on-site
  • When agents switch accounts, they are brought up to speed more quickly — by scheduling their new personalized training in advance of the move
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