What OttoLearn® Can Do For You

OttoLearn gives you the edge you need for your training.

Simplify your training delivery

In OttoLearn, you don't create huge, hour-long single modules — you start by creating a knowledge map of your training content. 

No enrollments — simply tell Otto which learners need to master what content. Change your content anytime, and the right material flows to the right learners.

Diagram showing the "new way" cycle: create a knowledge map, Otto identifies & fills learner knowledge gaps, prove retention with analytics, done!

Engage your learners

At the start of a day or the start of a shift, learners will be prompted to participate in Training Sessions, which engage them in a 2-minute set of Activities designed to identify and fill knowledge gaps. Don't need it to be every day? You can set the schedule that is most effective for your organization's needs. Best of all, using gamification principles, learners will love taking your training!

Reach your frontline

Get new information out to your front-line staff immediately — with microlearning. Ensure their product knowledge is up to date and their customer service skills are sharp. Reinforce your best practices to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Eliminate knowledge gaps

Our adaptive, gamified microlearning platform automatically detects each learner’s knowledge gaps and delivers them personalized training to fill those gaps.
Knowledge Gap
Representative graph of learner Knowledge Gaps before (high) and after (low) OttoLearn.

The Otto experience

OttoLearn delivers a unique experience your learners will love.

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Provide on-demand performance supports

OttoLearn's knowledge cards are a perfect aid for your learners, designed to give a little extra context and background on specific modules, topics, or concepts. Build your performance supports using video, text, images, graphics — whatever you need to provide your learners with the best information to reinforce their learning.

Ensure long-term knowledge retention

Traditional eLearning quizzes exercise only a fraction of your content, and it's one-and-done. But over time, OttoLearn exercises 100% of all content, using spaced repetition and adaptive algorithms as part of a robust knowledge retention strategy to ensure learners are actually retaining the information.

Showcase your training success

Using our analytics, watch your knowledge gaps decrease, and see how mastery correlates to better performance on the metrics that matter most.
Example of OttoLearn Analytics screens
Bringing it all together
Like what you see so far? Now, learn more about how OttoLearn works to deliver uniquely effective training experiences.
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