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Meet Rachel

She’s the HR Director for Big Specialty Foods Co.

BSFC has 150 locations, mostly over the Northeast. As a specialty grocer, they are in a fiercely competitive industry.

While their margins are a bit higher than major grocery stores — thanks to their unique products and lines — they obsess about providing a better customer experience since a customer must make a “special trip” to shop with them.

7 times a year, BSFC runs seasonal promotions. Customer service audits have uncovered that their store employees often don't know all the detail about the promotions and seasonal products.

Rachel turns to Otto

Rachel's team builds 7 Otto modules, one for each of their seasonal campaigns. She designs their mastery profiles to automatically increase their front-line staff's knowledge about key seasonal promotions 30 days in advance.

For instance, they have BBQ meats from April to September, and appetizers in October. With Otto she never has to worry about course enrollments, since Otto will automatically work to increase her employees' knowledge over time through the personalized daily drip learning. If they do get "stuck", they can use it as a performance support and look up specific knowledge they need to know.

Rachel quickly learns that her multi-location retail training program is perfectly complimented with a microlearning platform. The trainees can complete the short training sessions throughout their day, directly in the workflow.

In fact, after a short period, Rachel's learns that seasonal sales are up 18% since implementing the training. Her learners love the appealing gamified content. And, Otto's advanced algorithms and spaced repetition ensure no matter when the learner is training, they are deepening their knowledge retention.

Engaging, adaptive microlearning

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for multi-location retail training
  • Any time content is updated by head office, it will automatically drip out to the learners
  • Employees have an expectation of continuous training from the very start, which means they are more likely to continue engaging with personalized training over time
  • Allows the scheduling of training related to fixed milestones like seasonal trends to be fully automated
Additional benefits
  • Perfect for front-line staff training. Every shift each employee completes 2 minutes of adaptive training
  • Great vehicle for head office to rollout training for periodic promotions, etc
  • Superb way to reinforce compliance and health and safety topics as an on-going performance support
OttoLearn can transform your multi-location retail training.
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