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Attract and retain top talent 

In some industries, like health care, education and high tech, it can be hard for employers to fill open jobs. Applicants are scarce and lack needed skills. That gives employers strong motivation to both hold onto workers they have and to attract new hires by providing what skilled employees want: Training.

According to the LinkedIn 2019 Workplace Learning Report, workers are 94% more likely to stay with an employer who invests in their skills and professional development. The same report found that three-quarters of employees want to learn at work, with a strong preference for self-directed learning.

As an employer, you want to identify and fill skills gaps, quickly. You want to be able to link training with key performance indicators — and see measurable improvement.

OttoLearn provides what you need and helps you retain your best employees.
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OttoLearn’s got you covered

OttoLearn exists to identify and close skills gaps. 

See how Otto Works

Here’s an experiment:

List three topics that your employees should know inside-and-out; and identify three topics where you think they may have knowledge gaps. Test them.

When we run an OttoLearn pilot, we pretty much run that experiment. It never fails: The managers are surprised by where their employees’ knowledge gaps lie. 

Rather than assuming that learners know and remember essential information, verify that they do.

OttoLearn does that by:
Presenting learners with microlearning Activities that exercise all essential knowledge points
Tracking both their accuracy and their own confidence in what they know
Identifying areas where they need more practice — and delivering that practice to increase long-term knowledge retention
OttoLearn’s algorithms individualize this process with adaptive microlearning content, ensuring that each and every learner gets only the content they need. Learners hate being asked to answer questions and cover material they already know. With Otto, they won’t have to. And Otto repeats this process with short daily Training Sessions to ensure that employees learn — and remember — what they need to know to excel at their jobs. Best of all, through gamification, learners love to take the training.

Train for knowledge retention

Decades of research underscore how easy it is to forget what we learn. But corporate trainers need learners to retain and apply their learning. Here, too, OttoLearn has you covered.

The problem is, when people first learn something, it goes into short-term memory. If they don’t use it, it quickly gets dumped. The brain needs a good reason to move information into long-term memory, where it will be retained and the learner can recall and apply the knowledge.

OttoLearn is based on cognitive science and uses proven methods that enable learners to move what they learn into long-term memory — and retain it.

OttoLearn uses spaced repetition to ensure multiple exposures to each concept and bit of knowledge.
OttoLearn performs continuous assessment of what each learner knows, by focusing on mastery and competence. 
OttoLearn exercises each concept from multiple angles, pushing learners to the edge of their understanding and challenging them to apply what they learn. But, through gamification, the training is delivered in an enjoyable manner.
OttoLearn Activities provide scenarios where learners are asked to recall and apply what they’ve learned. Scenarios are essentially stories, which engage learners’ emotions and motivate them to process and remember the associated information.

Support on-the-job performance

Ever need to look something up — maybe how to fill out a form you complete once a year, or the specific features of a product your client is interested in? Your employees do, too. OttoLearn provides on-demand performance support to improve job performance.

With OttoLearn’s Knowledge Cards, employees have the information they need readily available. They can instantly answer a question, complete a rarely-done task or provide stellar customer support.

Available on demand and easy to search, Knowledge Cards provide a little boost to employees — without interrupting their workflow.
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Short, engaging, gamified microlearning

Spaced, repetitive microlearning is the most effective strategy for knowledge retention, whether teaching new skills, boosting performance or changing behavior. And, through gamification, the learner's motivation to take the training material increases.

Short training sessions each day refresh the learning and help learners’ brains consolidate it for longer-term retention. The short learning sessions are compelling and engage modern learners where they are, whether at work, commuting or on a break. Each Activity is narrowly focused on a specific Concept or Topic that is relevant to the learner’s job and mastery goals. 

OttoLearn microlearning helps with retention and application of training, too.

During their workday, learners can find the information they need, quickly, while they are solving a problem or working through a process. Their attention remains focused on the task at hand — and, using Activities and Knowledge Cards, OttoLearn provides exactly the information and answers they are looking for in their workflow.

Continuous training, along with on-demand reminders, ensures that learners learn, remember, understand and apply.

Deploy effective skills and behavior training with OttoLearn

Learners love OttoLearn because:
  • They can learn work-related skills the way they’d learn to fix their sink at home or find out where to get the best deal on a vacation  — by quickly looking up the information using their phone or tablet.
  • It provides just-in-time solutions to problems, answers to questions and reminders of things they know they’ve learned but can’t quite remember.
  • They can use it on any mobile device, anywhere.
  • They know that their company is continually investing in them, challenging them, enabling them to develop and improve their skills.
  • Learning adapts to their learning goals, weak areas, and needs; redundant training is replaced by fun, engaging and relevant learning.

Managers are amazed when:

  • Learners willingly engage with their training and even do more than they’re assigned.
  • Learners remember what they learn and apply it on the job, quickly improving their efficiency and performance.
  • They get weekly reports showing vanishing knowledge gaps and high learner engagement.
  • They overhear learners chatting about their training and comparing notes on their progress.
  • Employees stay ahead of the changing demands of their jobs by engaging in continual learning and skills development. 

Training admins benefit from OttoLearn:

  • Chasing learners down to get them to complete annual training is no longer necessary.
  • It’s easy to update content and add new Topics and Activities.
  • L&D can finally measure learning and trace the impact of training to KPIs that their managers value most.
Bringing it all together
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