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Meet Antonio

He’s the VP of Franchise Operations at Big Franchise Co.

BFC is a small, but rapidly growing franchise. They have 50 units now and are looking to double that in the next 12 months.

They've always prided themselves on maintaining excellent documentation — their ops manual and related training material is updated quarterly.

Each new franchisee comes to head office for a week of in-person initial training. While this training always receives great reviews on the session evaluations, Antonio has found that franchisees forget most of that knowledge by the time their location actually opens.

Now, Antonio is using Otto

His strategy is simplified with a microlearning platform. Instead of waiting for the initial week of in-person training, new franchisees are immediately enrolled into mastery learning. Every day, they learn a bit more about the franchise and key operations. The content delivery is scaffolded — franchisees learn from the bottom up. As soon as they master one topic, they immediately start receiving more advanced topics that build on what they already know.  

By the time the franchisee arrives for in-person training, they already have a strong knowledge retention foundation from their personalized training. The training has been delivered with spaced repetition, giving them the optimal training when it's needed most based on their knowledge level of the information. Antonio discovers that they can swap two days of classroom instruction for two extra days at a store gaining hands-on practical experience!

New franchisees love this approach — they can immediately start learning more about the franchise they’ve invested in, plus report less anxiety during store opening. And, because the content follows gamification principles, they enjoy taking it!

The best part? Antonio’s found that franchisees receiving Otto drip training actually get to profitability 6 months sooner than their previous average!

Engaging, adaptive microlearning

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for franchise training
  • Franchisees are excited about their new business — keep that excitement high by immediately starting their personalized training
  • Any time content is updated by head office, it will automatically drip out to the franchisees
  • Franchisees have an expectation of continuous training from the very start, which means they are more likely to continue engaging with training over time
Additional benefits
  • Drip training continues after in-person training, to reinforce key concepts and best practices to ensure knowledge retention by the time the location opens
  • Also perfect for front-line staff training. Employees complete 3 minutes of personalized adaptive training at the start of each shift
  • Great vehicle for head office to rollout training for periodic promotions, new products and more
OttoLearn can transform your franchise training.
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