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Meet Helen

She’s Director of Educational Technology at Big Campus.

Big Campus is a school district comprised of 27 schools, plus a private college.

Helen is responsible for all learning technology. Last year, she invested heavily in a campus-wide student management system, modernizing their student tracking, and administration.

Helen loves languages. She’s currently learning Japanese through DuoLingo and loves how it adapts to how she learns.

Helen wonders if she can bring the same technology to Big Campus — at a price they can afford.

Helen is thrilled to discover Otto

Why? Because Otto provides adaptive, personalized microlearning to each student with an affordable academic site license.

With Otto, and working with one of her instructional designers, they target a couple of memorization-heavy topics in the sciences across different grade levels and run a pilot in three classrooms for a semester.

The results are better than expected. First, students using Otto to support their subjects scored an astounding 10% better average than non-Otto classrooms.

Second, through the use gamified training content student engagement is high. Most students use Otto daily, including weekends. In fact, according to the analytics students are using it for days in advance of their tests, versus last-minute cramming.

In a survey of students using Otto, they report that they love the projected mastery date, which tells them exactly how much studying they need to do to achieve mastery of the topics and be ready for their tests. They say it reduces their pre-test anxiety, which also means they are more relaxed (and able to think clearly) going into the test.

Surprisingly, students who describe themselves as “having difficulty learning” become the biggest fans. They report that they’ve never been able to memorize so much, so quickly, with such little effort because the teaching is personalized to them.

Another surprise — engagement was higher on Friday and Saturday than Sunday. Students were not procrastinating but practicing early and often!

Engaging, adaptive microlearning

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for academic training
  • Perfect complement to classroom learning
  • Projected mastery dates help students know how much (and how long) to study
  • Reduced student anxiety prior to quizzes and exams
Additional benefits
  • Improve your institution's academic rating
  • Deliver training to both students and faculty
  • Special site licenses available for academic institutions
OttoLearn can transform your academic training.
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