Support learning by doing with stellar performance support 

Most learning comes from doing. That’s why formal training is not always the best response to knowledge gaps and employees’ questions.

Performance support improves employees’ efficiency without interrupting their work by bringing the precise information they need right to them, at the moment they need it. 

The term ‘performance support’ describes a huge variety of ways to assist employees in the workflow:

  • Microlearning that reviews concepts or shows them how to do a process
  • Searchable short, focused text or video content
  • Quick look-up guides

Searchable, often mobile-first, and available on demand, performance support boosts efficiency and performance — without taking employees away from their work. 

‘Performance support’ is a broad umbrella

Performance support comes in many formats and packages. It’s often called “workflow learning” or “just-in-time training,” since learners might learn and remember important information they look up while working. 

At its most basic, performance support helps learners complete a task or process, better, without taking them away from work for training. It can be:

A knowledge-retention strategy

A continuous learning approach to building knowledge retention also functions as performance support, since it puts essential information at learners’ fingertips. 

On-demand, searchable content

Microlearning is perfect performance support while also facilitating continuous learning. With vetted content that is always kept up-to-date, you know you are delivering the information learners need to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

Job aids

Online or off, job aids support performance. An infographic, a poster, an online database, a microlearning app, a library of short how-to videos, a quick-reference guide — whatever the format, job aids are performance support.

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Leverage the strengths of eLearning  

Performance support works hand-in-hand with your online training or microlearning platform to improve training outcomes and boost performance.
Adding a microlearning knowledge retention campaign extends learning with on-demand performance support — and provides the spaced repetition that builds long-term retention.
Using game elements in your microlearning, such as feedback on progress or challenges and goals, encourages learners to engage — and adds value, since the content doubles as on-demand reference guides, also called performance support!  

Learners love the ease of performance support

Training takes time and pulls busy workers from their jobs. Performance support slides into the workflow, increasing efficiency.

Digital consumers already use performance support all the time to answer questions; offer their favorite tools at work, too!

Reinforcing training with performance support tools boosts workers’ confidence and their performance.

Workers of all ages prefer self-directed learning. Microlearning performance support platforms provide what they need and want.

Meet your busy digital learners where they are by offering on-demand, searchable performance support tools. Choose a training platform that builds knowledge retention while supporting improved outcomes.

Administrators benefit from performance support

Employees get many of their questions answered immediately and become more productive and successful at their jobs.

High-quality performance support reduces the need for retraining, saving time and reducing work disruptions.

Engaging, relevant informal training works — it’s sticky, too, building knowledge retention and increasing workers’ skills.

Adding on-demand performance support to training is a way to sneak in the spaced repetition that leads to lasting learning, retention, and behavior change.

Offering high-quality performance support ensures that employees have critical, current information at their fingertips. They will be more productive and more successful — and so will your organization.


Amount of time the typical worker spends on training. 

Source: Bersin infographic

One third

The number of GenX and older workers who want fully self-directed learning; more than 2 in 5 younger workers say the same.

Source: LinkedIn Learning 2019 Workplace Learning Report


of top-performing organizations use performance support to support learning transfer (compared with 1% of companies in the bottom quartile)

Source: Towards Maturity 2018 report, Driving Performance and Productivity

[OttoLearn] gives us a whole new educational delivery method. Plus, it delivers a cutting-edge learning tool to understand our clients’ learning needs and styles to serve them better.

WIlliam D.

What makes microlearning performance support so effective

Available on demand
Outside of work, people Google an instant response to their questions. They want on-demand support and self-directed assistance at work too.
Put information at workers’ fingertips by making it easy to find and use on their favorite digital devices.
Up-to-date, accurate content
Choose a microlearning platform for your performance support that makes it easy to update your content so workers always have the correct information.
Reduce training time
On-demand access to microlearning performance support means workers spend less time in long training courses — and more time working effectively and efficiently!

Modern employees crave self-directed training &
on-demand performance support

Workers of all ages want self-directed, independent learning options.

Nearly everyone has smartphones. Mobile-first performance support provides the information they need on the devices they use constantly.

Aligning self-directed training with your business goals drives better performance.

Supporting employees boosts results — in any workplace

On the front lines
Customer support, front line retail workers, and sales professionals will all love the ease of on-demand performance support that keeps the details they need at their fingertips.
Warehouses and manufacturing
Keep production lines humming and ensure safety and accuracy by making it easy for manufacturing warehouse workers to look up what to do if there’s a mishap or an uncommon situation.
Forget annual compliance training
With an on-demand microlearning platform that offers continuous learning and performance support, annual compliance training is history — and knowledge retention soars!
Successful onboarding
Rather than drown newly hired employees with a flood of training during their first weeks, offer continuous learning plus performance support. They’ll learn, remember, and retain essential information, quickly becoming productive, valued employees.

Knowledge cards as a performance support

OttoLearn’s Knowledge Cards offer the perfect performance support:

  • Each Knowledge Card focuses on a single concept, idea, or term
  • Robust search supports intuitive, conversational search queries
  • Employees quickly find the precise information they need
  • Multilingual OttoLearn supports your employees in more than 20 languages

Performance support meets your employees’ challenges

OttoLearn is the training platform that moves performance support — and learning — into the workflow to improve training outcomes and KPIs:

Quick reference

OttoLearn’s Knowledge Cards team up with its stellar search capabilities to enable workers to instantly find the facts and details they need.

How-to videos

Embed short videos into Otto’s Knowledge Cards to show workers what to do without interrupting their workflow.

Multimedia support

Build charts and graphics into OttoLearn content to provide a deeper understanding of key concepts.

Always accessible

Otto’s mobile-first app, along with desktop access and LMS integration make it easy for employees to  use anywhere, anytime.

Improve performance

Support workers on the job with the ability to look up accurate  information at the moment they need it.

Pair performance support & training for improved outcomes

OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning is the Swiss Army knife of training platforms — training, knowledge retention, and performance support all in one engaging gamified learning platform.

Engage learners with daily 2-minute Training Sessions

Entice them to spend more time with gamified microlearning content

Build knowledge retention with spaced repetition of essential content

Challenge learners with Activities targeted to close their knowledge gaps

Support performance with searchable, on-demand Knowledge Cards

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