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Meet Jane

She’s the Sales Manager of Big Software Co.

Next month, they have a large software release with specific features for key markets.

Jane needs to ensure that their global sales force is fully trained before the release. In the past, they’ve held webinars and would bring in their sales team twice a year for intensive two-day training.

This sounds good, except for one problem. Knowledge retention was terrible. In an internal audit, Jane discovered that the sales team wasn’t able to articulate the new features or the benefits they would bring to specific prospects. They were losing deals they should be winning.

This release, Jane is using Otto

A month before the release, Otto's microlearning platform starts dripping out training to the entire global sales team. Every day, each salesperson receives a personalized set of activities to have them practice their knowledge on how to sell the new release’s benefits. Through the use of cognitive science principles, spaced repetition, and gamified training content, her learner's can't put the training down!

Through Otto’s analytics, Jane can watch her team’s knowledge gaps decrease and the team's knowledge retention increase on a daily basis. 

If she notices challenges in understanding specific new features, she can easily add in the modules on existing features that will help illuminate how the new pieces fit together.

Engaging, adaptive microlearning

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for professional sales training
  • Sales people notoriously “don’t have time” for training. Otto is only 2 minutes a day, so fits in everyone’s schedule, and it’s personalized to the learner’s knowledge level
  • Outside sales people are always on the move and always have their mobile phones with them — so mobile learning is a perfect fit
  • If they are in the workflow, the knowledge from their training is readily available as a performance support
Additional benefits
  • Perfect for teaching selling skills (e.g. overcoming objections, best practices)
  • Import sales metrics to correlate training to sales success, and calculate a true ROI
  • Distribute different training to different sales regions
  • Integrate with Salesforce to automatically assign personalized training based on the type of deals in the pipeline
OttoLearn can transform your professional training.
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