Microlearning 101

What is microlearning?

Whether you're looking to have all of your microlearning questions answered or want more in-depth information on microlearning and its related content, check out our series of Microlearning 101 articles.

What Is Microlearning?
What is Microlearning? It’s the future of corporate training, eLearning, performance support, knowledge retention, workflow learning — rolled into one platform!
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Our Definition of Microlearning
What's the definition of microlearning? As online training solution experts, read our thoughts to the characteristics compromising how we define microlearning.
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History of Microlearning
Does microlearning seem like a new form of eLearning? We discover the history of microlearning is traced to decades past, but only recently gained popularity.
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Microlearning Challenges: Proving Its Effectiveness
Interested in microlearning but cautious of adoption? Convince your stakeholder's microlearning challenges will be met through effective learner engagement.
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The Science of Microlearning
The science of microlearning relies heavily on familiar learning principles like cognitive skill, gamification, and scaffolding — but how is it different?
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Microlearning Benefits Developers, Managers, and Learners
Understand why microlearning isn’t just a trend – microlearning benefits all individuals participating in the training lifecycle: developers, managers, and learners!
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Microlearning Trends Toward Bright Future
Microlearning trends show this form of eLearning is here to stay! We’ll examine trends from the past and cover what microlearning trends we'll see in the future.
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Microlearning Tools Offer Many Development Options
Ready to start developing content for your chosen microlearning platform? Here are tools we recommend to help develop your microlearning content with ease!
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Microlearning Examples Are Everywhere
We walk-through microlearning examples showing where you can use this type of eLearning to improve your online training outcomes and knowledge retention.
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We All Use Many Types of Microlearning — Every Day
Types of microlearning are everywhere already; videos, infographics, learning games and more! Why not offer microlearning as part of your eLearning arsenal?
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How to Design Effective Microlearning
How to design microlearning? As eLearning experts, we’ll show you the principles for creating effective microlearning content, to help meet your training goals!
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Why Microlearning Is Huge
Is microlearning right for you? If you're not sure, we'll to you why microlearning needs to be part of your organization’s eLearning toolkit and why learners love it!
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