Managed microlearning services lead to training success

Microlearning can extend your training, deepen knowledge retention, and support stellar performance. It’s also a significant shift in approach and training strategy. 

Implementing a change of this magnitude is easier with our targeted microlearning services. Ease your microlearning journey with guidance on implementation, integrations, and more.    

Customized implementation

Let our expert team guide your training administrators from implementation planning through to internal pilot-testing and launch. Our strategic guidance and hands-on assistance ensures a managed implementation and successful launch.

Personalized admin training

Your learners, your training goals — and your admins’ challenges — are unique. Our Admin Services team provides personalized training and  quarterly meetings and consultations that focus on achieving the outcomes you need from your online training program. 

World-class support & guidance

You don’t have to do this alone! Designated training account admins will receive 1:1 onboarding and training, as well as on-demand access to our microlearning-based help.

Special projects are our specialty

Whether you have hundreds of users to import into your new microlearning platform, want branded iOS and Android apps or need custom analytics and data reports, we’ve got you covered. Our team tailors your system to your needs.

Managed microlearning implementation

Maximize your new microlearning strategy with our Managed Implementation Services. We will provide everything you need in a collaborative step-by-step process that sets you up for long-term success.


The critical first step: A custom implementation plan based on your time frame and critical online training requirements.

Gain momentum

We proactively drive the implementation process, specifying clear steps or actions for your team to take. We’ll review progress and plan next steps in weekly calls.

Optimize configuration

With detailed knowledge of your training program goals and objectives, your implementation manager will guide you to the optimal configuration of the platform and features.


Microlearning slides smoothly into your broad talent management strategy as our team oversees integrations and maps out a big-picture solution.We’ll even build out your account structure, create groups and teams, and set up your hierarchies and permission structures.

Prepare for liftoff

Internal pilots offer an opportunity to receive important feedback. We’ll guide you through pilot testing and the final configuration of your account and content, setting you up for a smooth launch.

An upward trajectory

Prior to launch we will walk you through the data and feedback from the pilots. We’ll guide you through final configuration adjustments and launch — and celebrate with you as training results take off.

Why are managed implementation services a must-have?

Adopting a microlearning strategy and implementing a new platform doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our Managed Implementation Services guide you through the process, from kick-off to a successful launch. The collaborative process, including regular feedback and weekly calls, sets you up to achieve your training goals and see clear ROI from your new microlearning services. Our team will keep you focused, every step of the way.

Create online training that’s as fun to build as it is to take — start a managed implementation project today!

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Managed microlearning admin services

Our Microlearning Admin Services package prepares your training admins to meet any challenge. A dedicated Administrator from our Admin Services team will study your online training goals, challenges, and desired outcomes. Our team will offer guidance and advice in quarterly meetings, with additional consultation available, based on your unique needs.

Your Administrator might:

Help you bring new team members and admins up to speed
Serve as your ongoing  “hands-on” account lead administrator
Advise you in identifying and meeting new challenges and objectives
Ensure that your team is able to fully leverage the system to meet your evolving needs
Deliver and discuss a quarterly analytics report that provides an overview of your account
Provide targeted, 1:1 coaching and training to your lead admin, core training team, or specific users (supervisors, compliance officers, course developers) to ensure they understand how to complete key tasks
Work with your team to identify the features and configurations that will maximize training effectiveness and optimize delivery and administration across your organization

Your dedicated Administrator will discuss your challenges, goals, and objectives — and guide you toward solutions.


The Admin Services team will develop a plan and schedule the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that will keep you progressing toward your goals.


Each quarter, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that summarizes work completed and identifies priorities for the next quarter.


Your quarterly analytics report provides an overview of your account and describes how to fully leverage the system to meet your evolving needs. We’ll discuss this with you and recommend next steps.

Leave the heavy lifting to the experienced professionals on our Admin Services team.

They will put their deep expertise to work managing, tracking, and evaluating your results — and recommending steps to move you closer to your goals. 

Your dedicated Administrator takes on the account administration, freeing your admins to focus on what they do best, always equipped with the information they need to advance training goals.

Connect the dots between training and outcomes with measurable training ROI — start a managed admin services project today!

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Automated user sync

Move seamlessly to your new OttoLearn microlearning services. We will sync OttoLearn users with your back-end system or database. And we will schedule regular synchronizations to ensure that learners’ training records and other data are always up-to-date. 

We’ll coordinate with your IT team to obtain a data file and provide a scheduled user import into the OttoLearn microlearning platform.

We’ll also collaborate with your training admins to ensure that learners are placed into the appropriate Mastery Profiles and to transfer other details required to meet your specific online training needs.

We will create new learner accounts and update existing data to ensure all learner data is accurate.
Automated user sync deactivates users that are no longer active or employed by your organization. 
OttoLearn automatically sends an email to new microlearning users, inviting them to explore their account.
User sync and setup includes:
Assigning Mastery Profiles to each OttoLearn user

Assigning learners the appropriate engagement schedule

Automate enrollments with user sync for speedy setup — start an automated user sync project today!

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Support & training

Buying an online training platform means investing in a long-term relationship. Your platform should include stellar support from a dedicated team that understands your specific needs and use cases and is responsive when you have questions or problems.

Welcome to an elevated experience with our world-class support and training center.

Fast, friendly support

Our Success Desk™ team typically responds within 30 minutes during business hours — and an after-hours response team addresses emergencies 24x7x365! 

Have a question? Reach out via email or live chat for the best support experience you've ever had.

Elevated client experience

Our Success Desk™ team strives to fully understand your needs. They’ll probe to unearth the question behind the question so they can provide targeted advice and assistance that enables you to accomplish your true goal.

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Expert account management

A Technical and Business Account Manager supports every Enterprise-level OttoLearn client, providing a point of contact who will work tirelessly to help you achieve your training goals.

Do you want it all?

The Microlearning CORE Program bundles our services for peak performance.

Microlearning CORE provides a soup-to-nuts all-inclusive approach to designing, building, and launching a successful Enterprise-level microlearning training strategy.

We help your team identify and improve key performance indicators by boosting training outcomes, building knowledge retention, adding performance support, and measuring the results of your training efforts.

Microlearning CORE is:

The letter C in green.

Content development
& management

The letter O in green.

Onboarding &

The letter R in green.

Review & reporting

The letter E in green.

Enterprise-level, award-winning OttoLearn microlearning platform

Our Microlearning CORE Program checks all the boxes, so you don’t have to

Our hands-on team of microlearning experts will support every aspect of planning and launching your new corporate training initiative. Your success is our goal!

Award-winning software
The CORE program includes licensing for a full year of the award-winning OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning platform for up to 500 learners.
Managed implementation
We will guide you through a multi-week implementation, starting with creating a change management plan to introduce microlearning into your training mix.
Tailored admin training
Personalized 1:1 onboarding and training for your designated online training account administrators.
Key integrations & learner sync
CORE includes a customized sync of your learner data, plus integrations with the HRIS and other software systems that share training data.
Custom content
Our top-notch content team will convert a new training module every quarter, working with your subject matter experts and training team.
Real-time reporting
We’ll provide an in-depth written report quarterly, with custom analytics and key performance indicator correlation — based on what’s important to you!
Branded mobile apps
We’ll build branded iOS and Android Apps that your learners can download from the app stores. Learners will love on-demand mobile access!
Expert content migration
We will collaborate with your content team to migrate your eLearning content and ready it for launch. Need new content? Call in our Flare Learning Team!
Coaching & guidance

CORE clients benefit from custom analytics and key performance indicator correlation.

You identify the metrics and performance indicators that matter most — we will take it from there. We will create custom reports and ensure that your in-depth quarterly report focuses on what’s important to you!

Sensational support

The CORE program is a partnership: Your monthly coaching sessions include personalized guidance and regular review of your customized training analytics. 

Your CORE team works hard to understand your needs and to anticipate and resolve your questions and issues.

This innovative platform for eLearning is impressive. It’s a whole new way of gaining knowledge in a fun, engaging and time-sensitive fashion.

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How do I start the program?

OttoLearn’s Microlearning Enterprise CORE program gets your microlearning initiative off to a strong start. Our guidance ensures a successful implementation and ongoing attention to your key performance indicators.

Let us become your partner in training as you move into an exciting new phase in employee development. Talk to an OttoLearn Microlearning expert today.

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