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Do you have an impossible training challenge?

Do you have any of these common — yet difficult-to-solve — training challenges? If you said yes to even one, know that OttoLearn can help. Book your demo with our experts, and they’ll show you!

Learner engagement

How can gamification help you improve training performance? Do your learners voluntarily complete their training requirements? How much time does your HR department spend following up with training objectives? Who says your training also can’t be enjoyable?

Increase learner engagement by hosting friendly contests and watch as competition heats up as your learners climb the leaderboards. Then, let your learners collect and exchange points for rewards when they achieve their training goals.

Critical training mastery

When your learners complete an in-person or online training course, have they actually learned the material or just completed it? How can you ensure your employees stay in compliance in-between annual training? In what ways are you fighting against your learners’ forgetting curve? And are you winning?

With OttoLearn, your training automatically adapts to each learner’s unique knowledge gaps and delivers to them personalized, daily 2-minute training sessions to close those gaps efficiently.

Knowledge retention

Once your learners have studied the material, how long will they retain it? One day? One week? One month?  How long do you want them to retain it? Do you have a way to manage or measure knowledge retention?

If you want your learners to remember their training, they need to practice retrieving it from memory. Using spaced repetition and other fundamental L&D theories from cognitive science, OttoLearn delivers questions to learners over time, helping their minds to retain the training.

Learning analytics and ROI

How do you measure eLearning success? Can you show your boss, compliance regulator, and other stakeholders that your KPIs are improving with the help of training? Is your learner analytic data reported in an easy-to-understand manner and measurable in real-time?

Your organization relies on its employees, so it’s essential to know where your learners need help when it comes to training. With OttoLearn, you can make data-driven training decisions that will positively impact performance using visual, interactive learning analytics and dashboards.

Training content authoring

Do you have ideas for creating many training courses but limited time and resources? How easy is your existing training material to update or make corrections? How fast can your training address misinformation as your organization introduces new policies or processes?

You’ll never fear publishing new training content again! Instead, use OttoLearn’s integrated visual content studio to create and manage your training easily. No need to wait for entire modules to be approved – once finished, instantly deploy your training materials – so your learners will always have the most accurate information.

Mobile training

With your diverse workforce, is everyone given equal opportunity to access and take your training modules? Does that include all your employees – frontline, customer service, field technicians, remote teams, and C-suite alike? How do they access resources after their initial training is complete?

Your learners can use OttoLearn anywhere, and time they prefer! Whether on the road, working from home, in a shared office space, in their cubicle – or anywhere else – learners can get the training and resources they need on their mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers at a WCAG AA standard.

How our learning platform experts can help you

It's simple! Your chat with our learning solutions expert can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Here’s how we do it.

Understand your learners’ needs

It’s easy to build a wish list of software features and requirements, but that list won't help unless you dig deeper and ask:

  • What are your learners’ core requirements for a positive training experience?

  • What will entice your learners to engage with your training program?

  • What do your learners actually need to get their jobs done effectively?

Uncover your administrators’ needs

No matter how big or small your organization, the job of your HR team can sometimes be a difficult one — it's important to ask:

  • What are your training administrators' core needs?

  • How much time is invested maintaining your users, reports, schedules?

  • What administrative tasks do you wish you could automate?

Identify your support needs

Every training platform provider talks about support, but what type of support do you want and need?

  • Are you interested in building relationships where your training partner can understand and anticipate your needs?

  • How important is it for you to find the right solution when you have a support request?

  • Do you want your voice to be heard and to feel connected to a team that wants your organization to achieve its goals?

Recognize your service needs

The majority of training platform purchasers need more than just the base application. They need a whole suite of services, such as course creation, software integration, data conversion, data sync, implementation, and administration.

  • What services will make your training program the most successful?

  • What can you do in-house versus what assistance might be available from your training partner to increase efficiencies?

  • How do you plan to grow and in what ways can we help you get there?


This is an amazing tool – we're getting employees to continually engage in learning to allow that retention.

Edward Trinh
National Manager for Dealer Training

The solution is great, and the team's responsiveness and service are excellent.

Irshad Rizvi
Director, Collaboration & Learning Technologies

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  • low learner engagement
  • poor knowledge retention
  • creating and updating training content
  • demonstrating training ROI
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