Boost your learner’s retention with the best training retention platform

The OttoLearn training platform delivers a revolutionary learning experience your employees will love!

Your training becomes adaptive to your employee's areas of need, delivered on a fully-mobile learner experience that combines the best gamification and cognitive science principles to drive engagement, increase retention, and improve employee performance.

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OttoLearn is more than just training retention

Our training retention software is designed to maximize your employee’s natural capacity to learn; directly benefiting the speed that your employees will absorb their training and the ability of your employees to retain their training.
eLearning Gamification
Employees enjoy the eLearning gamification features that actively engage them with their training, which will correlate to improvements in their employee performance and training outcomes
Adaptive Learning
Deliver training that is adaptive to your employee’s individual needs through our advanced algorithmic automation that detects their knowledge gaps and adjusts the course accordingly
Mobile Training
Whether your employees are front-line, remote, office-based, on the road, or anywhere in between — count on our mobile training platform to offer training to them wherever they are
Continuous Active Learning
Constantly engage your team with training content that is short, focused, and designed to help them succeed — which makes it enjoyable and rewarding to crush their training goals
Spaced Repetition
Based on cognitive science principles that help the brain learn more effectively, our software perfectly automates spaced repetition of your training content so your employees retain more
Knowledge Retention
Our microlearning platform is geared towards vastly improving knowledge retention — by cycling through training material that isn’t as well known until it becomes second nature
Performance Support
Having all your company learning aids in your employees’ hands is now possible with our training software doubling as a performance support tool, available to your employees when they need
Personalized Training
We make personalized training simple with our app that tracks your employees’ knowledge gaps and subject expertise, then tailors future lessons to their greatest areas of improvement

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How microlearning coupled with gamification boosts engagement with your training courses
Why you should care about adapting to your learner's retention needs through automation
How training retention reduces training costs and improves employee performance

It is a new and exciting way to learn! Increasing your mastery level in each category makes it fun, keeps you engaged and learning until you become the master.

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The future of online training has finally arrived: boost training retention!

Our learning platform delivers adaptive, gamified microlearning that increases learner engagement and improves training retention. Learners spend less time training and learning — but retain more — than with conventional eLearning or LMS solutions. Then, powered by adaptive algorithms, we deliver relevant content for training that truly elevates your learner experience.

Revolutionize your training retention to reduce costs. With our learning platform, it's quick to deploy and update your organization's training, and enables your training admins to automate key tasks.

Best of all, with our retention training platform, it allows you to gather the learner data you need to show true training ROI.

Boost engagement

Improve retention

Reduce costs

Show training ROI

Real Learning
One-time exposure to training content does not lead to deep learner retention. Adaptive, gamified microlearning uses the principle of spaced repetition to build training retention.
Real Engagement
Gamified microlearning presents short, relevant content using gamification, training content, audio, video, and animations. Learners engage over and over again, learning and remembering the content.
Real Results
Learners use microlearning as performance support or to extend and refresh their training. Bringing learning and on-the-job application together improves both training and business outcomes.
Learner Metrics
2 Minutes
Short training sessions are highly engaging
Retention Lift
Admin Metrics
Content development time can be reduced by 40%
Time to update and maintain content can be reduced by 75%
Requires 75% less management effort

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Our retention training platform is more than games – big on performance and engagement

With our perfectly balanced blend of features, our retention training software covers everyone’s needs – your employees, training admins, HR teams, managers, all the way to your C-suite.

Adaptive training

Algorithms that detect your employee's improvement areas and then gets to work eliminating those knowledge gaps

Content library

Instantly deploy training through our microlearning content library that covers a vast array of business-related subject matter

Content studio

Visualize your training content with knowledge maps and create learning paths, sequences, and activities with ease


Target your training goals and give your employees added motivation by incentivizing your training with contests within seconds

Continuous learning

With continuous learning, as your employees engaged with the training, it measures and automatically adapts to focus on areas of need

Custom analytics

With a gorgeous suite of data visualization tools, you'll be able to measure and track your training program's performance and KPIs

Dedicated success team

We’re fanatical about training outcomes and firmly value that your success is our success, boasting the lowest support times in the industry

Easy integrations

Integrate with software you’re already using to run your business – HRIS, webinar platforms, and more


With our gamified eLearning software, you'll tap into your employee's motivation and raise their willingness to engage


Partner with us to ensure a strong start, successful implementation, and ongoing accountability of your microlearning initiative

Knowledge cards

Any job aid your employee may need instantly, on-demand, and available to them everywhere they carry their phone

Knowledge retention

Empower your employees with a knowledge retention strategy – which is the key to unlocking real learning and behavior change


Our leaderboards will tap into your team’s competitive spirit and motivate your employees to engage with the training

Measure training ROI

We capture data of training engagement, knowledge gaps & lifts, improved retention, and best of all – measurable training ROI

Mobile-first learning

Mobile-first, but desktop-friendly – your training is everywhere your employees are, available on their favorite device


Our training platform is intensely multilingual, allowing your organization to deliver a global learning experience

Performance support

Assist your employee's training the right way through a performance support tool that won’t interrupt your employees as they work

Rapid authoring

Create, update, or deploy your training content shockingly fast using our intuitive rapid authoring engine

Scaffolded learning

Our training system gives the freedom to design scaffolded training experiences that’ll take your teams from novice to expert

Spaced learning

Repeated exposure over time is critical to your employees’ ability to learn, remember, and apply their new knowledge