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Truly Personalized, Adaptive Microlearning

Instead of relying on periodic course enrollments, simply tell Otto what each learner needs to know, how deeply they need to know it, and for how long they should retain it.  Otto will take care of the rest.

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Build Microlearning Content in our Studio

Use our Content Studio to identify your learning concepts and build activities to exercise those concepts.

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Content Studio - OttoLearn Gamification
Create a Mastery Profile - OttoLearn Adaptive Learning
Mastery Profiles drive Training Automation

Automate your training by creating a mastery profile that specifies what your learners need to know, how deeply they should know it, and how long they should retain it.

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Otto Engages your Learners Daily

On a daily basis, your learners are prompted to engage in Mastery Moments™ that engage them in a 3-minute set of activities designed to identify and fill knowledge gaps.

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Mastery Moments™ - OttoLearn Personalized Learning
Knowledge Cards - OttoLearn Adaptive Microlearning
Otto Introduces Your Learners to New Content

Otto will automatically introduce your learners to new content areas through a knowledge card.  A learner can always refer back to these cards in the future.

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Learners Practice with Activities

Practice is the best way to learn.  Otto will intelligently provide adaptive practice activities, designed to increase your learner’s Mastery Level - personalized learning for each learner.

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Increase Your Learner's Mastery Level - OttoLearn Adaptive Learning
Focus on Improvement - OttoLearn Microlearning
Otto Continuously Measures and Adapts

We measure what your learners know and automatically adapt our Mastery Moments™ to focus on areas requiring improvement.  OttoLearn measures, analyzes, and adapts your training - moment by moment, learner by learner.

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Practice makes Perfect

Your learner can do “Extra Practice” at any time to either explore the content or deepen their mastery.  You’ll be impressed by how your learners will choose to increase their mastery themselves.

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Extra Practice for Learners - OttoLearn Adaptive Learning
Modify Your Content - OttoLearn Gamification
Modify Content Anytime

Since Otto engages your learners on a daily basis, you can modify your content anytime and Otto will drip it out to the appropriate learners.  Never worry about re-enrollments.

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