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The Real Rapid Authoring Tool

Microlearning is great for learners, by giving them the ability to learn in minutes a day, so why should your content take a long time to produce?  Otto’s integrated Studio lets you create microlearning content shockingly fast.

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Scaffolded Learning

OttoLearn includes multiple ways to design scaffolded training experiences, to engage your learners and take them from Novice to Master.

  • Mastery Pre-requisite
  • Sequential Exploration
  • Layered Importance
  • Scheduled Mastery Depth
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Take Your Learner from Novice to Master- OttoLearn Microlearning
Learning Module Example - OttoLearn Microlearning
Learning Modules

Otto organizes content in Learning Modules. Each module can have an associated Knowledge Card, which is displayed to the Learner when they first access content from the module.

You can create a learning path (scaffolded learning) by putting your Learning Modules into a logical sequence that delivers your training in the proper order.

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Within a Learning Module, Topics allow you to group knowledge together. You can require learners to master one topic before getting the next.

You decide how detailed you want your training to be. Does the learner need only a general understanding of “Handling Objections” or to more deeply understand it?”

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Topic Examples - OttoLearn Gamification
Concept Examples - OttoLearn Adaptive Learning

Focus on what matters! Most traditional elearning courses are full of non-essential information. OttoLearn allows you to focus on your most important content without all the extra fluff.  

This precision will deepen learner knowledge, resulting in the changes in learner behavior that mark the success of your training program.

Since each unit of knowledge is mapped to a Concept, you can:

  • Report on Mastery at the Concept level per learner
  • Drill down into Analytics that show you learner knowledge per Concept, Topic, or Module
  • Easily update Content whenever you want, without worrying about re-enrollments.
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Activities are short, fun interactions, where learners exercise their knowledge related to the concept.

Your learner's mastery is tracked at the Activity level, and we automatically have your learners practice with different Activities per concept.

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Activities Example - OttoLearn Gamification
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