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How can gamification improve training performance? Are your learners engaged? Do they voluntarily complete their training requirements or do you need to nag them?


If your learners complete an in-person or online training course, have they actually learned the material or just completed it?


Once your learners have studied the material, how long will they retain it? One day? One week? One month?  How long do you want them to retain it? Do you have a way to manage or measure knowledge retention?


Are you able to identify a training gap and have a targeted update rolled out 5 minutes later? Do you wish you could eliminate annual refresher training and that you could finally catch-up with your training backlog?

Brayden Anderson, Microlearning Expert

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Almost everyone has challenges in three key areas:

  • low learner engagement
  • poor knowledge retention
  • challenges in creating and updating content.

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