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Applied brain research and learning science.

Synaptix Learning Solutions applies brain research and learning science to the design and implementation of corporate training programs to shorten training cycles, improve retention, reduce costs, and ultimately, improve performance.

Based in the heart of the Canadian energy industry in Calgary, Alberta, Synaptix has expertise in supporting energy operations and projects from safety, onboarding, and technical sklls to project execution and organizational performance.  In partnering with Neovation and OttoLearn® Gamified Microlearning™, Synaptix now offers world-leading learning solutions that are fit for purpose for the new economic reality.  The energy industry has emerged leaner and more resilient from the recent downturn.  But maintaining those efficiencies poses new challenges.  

Enterprises are increasingly prioritizing nimble strategies that leverage specialized talent on demand for narrowly targeted business and project objectives.  With Synaptix Learning Solutions in place, organizations are confident that their learning content will be retained and their performance outcomes sustained.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Give your learners what they really want—engaging, adaptive online training that only takes minutes a day.

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