How OttoLearn® Works

Otto helps you create a great learner experience (LX), helping you deliver a great customer experience (CX).

Training Session

Each learner is assigned to a profile that indicates what they need to know and how deeply they need to know it. Each short session, or “Training Session," delivers targeted content and activities that help them progress toward their goals.
Chart showing how a Mastery Profile contains Modules, and that each individual Module can have it's own Mastery Level.

Daily training

It's easy to make time for training when it only takes 2 minutes! Learners are prompted to engage in a Training Session at the start of their day or shift. With microlearning, they can also participate in unlimited Training Moments whenever they have time — on their commute, on their breaks, or even at home.

Personalized practice

OttoLearn uses each learner’s mastery goals and past performance to determine which areas they need to improve. Through the adaptive training aspect of our gamified microlearning platform, it selects the training activities that will be most valuable for that learner.

Two-minute sessions

Each Training Session is between 1 and 2 minutes in length. The timing is adaptive — Otto increases the number of Activities delivered in each session as a learner’s response time and proficiency improve.

Activity Formats

Otto supports several Activity formats, such as Yes/No, Fill-in-the-Blank, True/False, and Multiple Choice — all of which are designed to work beautifully on mobile devices. Use Otto for a gamified mirolearning approach to training!

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Knowing or guessing

As a learner completes activities, OttoLearn actively monitors a number of signals — such as duration, proficiency and confidence — to differentiate guessing from knowing.

Through the use of on-demand, self-directed performance support, the learner can review their training materials in the workflow for continuous improvement
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Mastery levels

When learners respond to questions in OttoLearn activities, they also enter their confidence level. Otto, then delivers feedback for both correct and incorrect answers. Feedback can be text, media — or both; you can provide structured feedback in every training activity to reinforce your learner's knowledge retention.

At the end of each Training Session, the learner gets a summary that shows how their mastery level has changed.
Post-activity information showing how many concepts have been powered up and how many Activities completed.

Mastery goals

Training managers set mastery goals for groups of learners. Each Training Session ends with a summary that shows each learner their progress toward those goals. Using spaced repetition, the learner will be prompted to exercise training content they are less knowledgeable in, more frequently.

Being able to see how they’re improving can increase their motivation, boost training engagement and improve knowledge retention.
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