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With OttoLearn’s Partner Program you can sell adaptive microlearning services to existing and new clients. We’ve made it easy for you with great technology, great resources and support.

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Attract New Clients

As an OttoLearn partner, we’ll promote you globally through our partner directory and send leads directly to you.

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Sell New Services

Looking to go beyond traditional eLearning?  The market for adaptive microlearning is growing rapidly and is a great add-on to your existing eLearning practice.

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Get Rewarded

Along with increasing your revenue by selling adaptive microlearning services to existing and new clients, you will also receive a rebate on your OttoLearn subscriptions.

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Grow with our Partner Levels

As you grow your business, you’ll move up our Partnership levels and receive great benefits along the way.

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Becoming a Partner FAQ

Have a functionality question for us? Visit our functionality FAQ.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningWhat type of partners qualify for the Partner Program?

Our typical partner will be an eLearning services company that provides graphic design, instructional design, or both.  As a service provider, you’re always looking to provide your clients with the most innovative solutions.  Whether you are a sole provider or a 100 person team, OttoLearn partnership can help grow your business.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningWhere can a Partner be located?

Anywhere on the planet.  In fact, we’re specifically looking for partners in smaller centers and emerging economies.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningWhat are the benefits of being a Partner?

You’ll receive leads from our global promotion, be listed in our Partner Directory to be found for microlearning as well as traditional services, have access to any resources to help you sell new and profitable services, and receive rebates on your subscriptions.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningIs there exclusivity?

There is no exclusivity, but we do promote partners where we think they’ll be the best fit for a prospect, or industry.  We will also remove partners who are receiving negative reviews or are not adding value to our eco-system.  The best partners will receive extra promotion and other benefits.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningDo you plan to have one or multiple partner at each country/territory? If multiple, then what is your channel partner management strategy? By industry, accounts or others?

We are looking for the best partners to work with in each of our target countries.  Due to variations in each country’s eLearning landscape, we don’t have a specific formula, but rather are being flexible.  Our goal is to provide at least 3 options per region that represent a cross section of industries, price ranges, and available services.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningWhat are the additional services I could provide my clients?

As a partner, we’ll train you on how to provide a variety of services around adaptive microlearning including learner engagement and mastery analysis.  You’ll also have access to our pre-written content, which you can personalize, localize, and resell to your clients.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningI’m not looking to provide services to clients, is there a referral program?

Yes. Our affiliate program, which will be launching in 2018, will allow you can earn revenue simply by promoting us.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningWhat support and training do you provide to partners/clients?

Our global help desk will be available 24x7 to handle Administrator-level questions.  We would expect that our partners would handle much of the 1st level support for any clients they are providing managed services for.  Any other clients could contact us directly.

Expand FAQ - OttoLearn Adaptive MicrolearningI am in an emerging market, is there discounted pricing available?

There is discounted pricing available for select emerging markets.  After you submit your partnership application, we will notify you of any discounts available for your region.