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Meet Abinash.

He is Health & Safety Director for Big Manufacturing Co.

BMC builds large mining equipment. Heavy machinery.

BMC’s injury rate for production workers was 4.2, 27% higher than the industry average of 3.3. Abinash was brought on board to determine how to reduce their injury rate to below industry average.

Upon starting, Abinash performed an internal audit to better understand the injuries that were occurring, to which teams, and what type of injuries.

The audit confirmed that most injuries were actually relatively minor in scope: Overexertion and repetitive stress injuries, lifting, and being injured by moving objects such as forklifts.

These injuries could be prevented through education, but how?

Abinash turned to Otto.

BMC actually has a really strong safety culture already. They have a good safety management system plus conduct Toolbox Talks at the start of each shift.  

Abinash discovered that most of the injuries were occurring to newer employees within their first 3 months and every injury was actually covered in one of their rotating Toolbox Talks. By comparing the historic Toolbox Talk schedule against the injury log, it became clear that injuries were occurring to new employees before they were exposed to the Toolbox Talk on that topic.

What BMC really needed was a way to deliver personalized training on a wider variety of topics, sooner.

Abinash started by creating a general safety mastery series which covered core safety topics, as well as the key topics which represented 30% of their minor injuries.

At the start of each shift, employees spend the first 3 minutes learning and reinforcing their Mastery of a cross section of safety training, followed by the group Toolbox Talk. During the Talk, learners can also ask questions about any of the topics they’ve practiced. The Team Lead records the questions, which are fed back into future Otto content.

After 60 days, Abinash was pleased to see that their injury rate for new employees has dropped to 2.9%, significantly below industry average.

Engaging, Agile, Microlearning.

Adaptive microlearning available for everyone.

Otto is perfect for Manufacturer Training
  • Leverage the interleaving effect providing retention training across a series of topics
  • Can be scheduled to minimize interruptions in production, delivering MasteryMoments™ at the start or end of a shift, or during scheduled personalized learning breaks
  • RFID beacons can be used to deliver prioritized training when entering “zones” that require a higher level of skills or knowledge
Additional Benefits
  • Provide best practices on how to troubleshoot common equipment issues, resulting in less downtime when there is an issue
  • Each team can have a tablet or phone that is used for training
  • Ongoing training, especially regarding workplace safety, demonstratively changes behaviors more consistently and may save lives
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OttoLearn can transform your manufacturer training.
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