Improve training effectiveness for your entire workforce.

With OttoLearn, you will solve training challenges such as low learner engagement, poor knowledge retention, and proving training ROI.

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Eliminate knowledge gaps

Fight the forgetting curve by engaging your learners with daily, adaptive, gamification microlearning sessions.

When your learners need to retain critical training

If you want your learners to remember their training, they need to practice retrieving it from memory.

Using spaced repetition, OttoLearn delivers questions to learners over time, training their brain to retain the training.

Improving efficiency with adaptive training

OttoLearn automatically determines each learner’s unique knowledge gaps and delivers to them personalized, daily 2-minute training sessions to close those gaps efficiently.

Motivate and engage with gamification

Who says your training also can’t be enjoyable? Increase learner engagement by hosting friendly contests and watch as competition heats up as your learners climb the leaderboards. Then, let your learners collect and exchange points for rewards when they achieve their training goals.


This is an amazing tool – we're getting employees to continually engage in learning to allow that retention.

Edward Trinh
National Manager for Dealer Training

The solution is great, and the team's responsiveness and service are excellent.

Irshad Rizvi
Director, Collaboration & Learning Technologies

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Learner engagement, knowledge retention, training recall, training ROI – Otto helps you solve them all

Training that fits into the day

Microlearning reaches your learners in short, daily sessions during the employee's day.

Drive learner engagement

Gamify training to motivate learners to engage the first time, and to keep coming back.

Deliver the training they need

Give learners training that is tailored to them, so they can improve what they need to.

Practice training over time

Algorithms show learners more training where they need practice and less of what they don't.

Boost knowledge retention

Daily training helps your learners recall more, which has a lasting impact on your organization.

Personalized or guided training

Learners can choose from a guided approach or test their knowledge with random questions.

Easy content management

You'll easily create, manage, and deploy your training – so your learners will always have the most accurate information.

Searchable learning resources

Your training doubles as your knowledge base – readily available wherever your learners are.

Show training results & ROI

Training recall leads to real behavior change and shows measurable, impactful results that lead to ROI.

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