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March 8, 2023

Stay Informed with OttoLearn's Engagement Summary Email

With OttoLearn's Engagement Summary email, you'll have an always know which learners are — or, more importantly, are not — engaging.
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December 13, 2022

Your Guide to Learning Analytics in OttoLearn

We created our guide to learning analytics that shows how your learners interact with their training and the measurable value received from your training efforts.
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November 22, 2022

Analytics Deep Dive: Rewards Analytics Panel

In part seven, the final chapter of our Deep Dive series, we're exploring the OttoLearn Rewards analytics panel.
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November 16, 2022

Analytics Deep Dive Mastery Points Analytics Panel

Hello and welcome to part six of our Deep Dive series! In this post, we're exploring the OttoLearn Mastery Points analytics panel.
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October 31, 2022

Analytics Deep Dive: Knowledge Gaps & Lifts Analytics Panel

In part four of our seven-part Analytics Deep Dive, we breakdown the Knowledge Gaps & Lifts analytics panel.
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October 25, 2022

Analytics Deep Dive: Assignment Engagement Analytics Panel

In the third part of our 7-part Analytics Deep Dive, we take a look at the Assignment Engagement Panel.
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October 19, 2022

Analytics Deep Dive: Learner Engagement Analytics Panel

Analytics can be overwhelming and confusing, especially at the start. This week, we're taking a look at Otto's Learner Engagement analytics panel and breaking it down.
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October 12, 2022

Analytics Deep Dive: Overview Analytics Panel

Analytics are great, but they can be tricky to understand at the start. This week, we're taking a look at Otto's Overview analytics panel and breaking it down.
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November 11, 2019

On Trend & On Point: OttoLearn at DevLearn 2019

DevLearn 2019 was a huge success for OttoLearn; from the Executive Forum and presentations to the many great conversations with existing and future clients!
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October 28, 2019

2019 L&D Global Sentiment Survey

Discover what the 2019 Learning & Development Global Sentiment Survey results show as the next workplace learning trends and how adaptive microlearning aligns.
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September 30, 2019

Uncover Training ROI with Free Data Analysis Tool: Power BI

Struggling to measure training ROI? We make it easy! Power BI is included with our microlearning platform! Measure and improve training outcomes today!
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August 12, 2019

Burning Questions: Can Microlearning Finally Be a Gateway to Calculating Real ROI?

Can microlearning be used to calculate training ROI? We believe in measuring and analyzing your eLearning — and give you the analytics dashboard to do so.
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July 29, 2019

Learner Engagement Starts at the Top

Corporate culture is created and reinforced by leaders, including corporate learning culture. Learn where to start building a positive learning culture.
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July 8, 2019

OttoLearn Q2 Feature Updates

We're constantly adding features to our adaptive microlearning platform. Check out new LMS integrations, exporting to SCORM and user engagment reporting.
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May 8, 2019

Q1 Feature Updates

We're constantly adding features to our adaptive microlearning platform to improve personalized training for learners and training content delivery for admins.
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May 6, 2019

What Trainers Can Learn from Marketers About ROI

What's your ROTI? Learn how to measure the real impact of your training, its Return on Training Investment, and why online training outcomes matter.
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April 8, 2019

Why Your Course Completions are Misleading You

Completing training doesn't correlate to retention or engagement. That's why your learners benefit from adaptive microlearning delivering continuous training!
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April 1, 2019

What Trainers Should Learn from Marketers About Engagement

Marketers know a thing or two about engagement. Learn from the pros and spark change in learners' behavior with effective continuous adaptive microlearning.
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February 4, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Choose OttoLearn as Your Mastery & Retention Platform

Why choose OttoLearn as your adaptive microlearning platform? 10 reasons to improve learner engagement and retention with daily personalized training.
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January 21, 2019

Build your own Training Analytics Dashboard for Free!

Not reaching expected outcomes with your online training? Use Microsoft's Power BI with our adaptive microlearning platform to measure training impact!
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January 28, 2019

5 Signs You Need Agile Microlearning

Do you need Agile Microlearning? These 5 signs point to a need for our adaptive microlearning platform to deliver effective personalized online training daily.
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January 14, 2019

The State of Microlearning: OttoLearn’s 2019 Q1 Roadmap

New 2019 features added to our adaptive microlearning platform included Knowledge Cards, the Analytics Dashboard and SCORM and LMS Integrations!
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